Koxx-one purple light wheel and Domina 2 frame


I have to much parts laying around so I’m selling this:

-koxx one Domina 2 frame used for flat and scratched up
-Koxx one purple wheelset light hub with new ISIS and perfectly straight.

Where are you located in Europe and what’s the asking price?

still for sale,

looking for 80,00 euro for the wheel and 60,00 for the frame.
Always in to make it a deal

hey bram,

i could use that purple wheelset again xD
need a second one.

is it still available?

@idyl: Yes it’s still for sale

okay, nice…

i sent you an email :wink:

Both the frame are still for sale. Make a nice offer

Bump still for sale if you make an nice offer it’s yours.


Frame is sold wheel is still for sale! 70,00