koxx one pronuciation.

is it pronouced like k.o.x.x. 1 or like cocks 1???

the second one.

Like johnny Knoxville, not johnny cocksville. Lol teh interwebs tese dys!

As a house painter I think of it like “caulk”. In that the “L” is silent. Koxx I think in english would sound like caulks. I might be worng, tho Thats how I say it. I am probably very wrong. I just have always rathered called my uni something a bit dif from cocks. Maybe a french speaking American or english speaking Frenchman can help out more.

Weird I was wrong.(all great and powerful me? haha jk) I thought it was pronounced as in the way I stated above ahh! Now I have a cocks 1 unicycle in the mail. Hey now I can say I have pretty big cocks. I can go off jumps with them and everything I love the rims!

I say cock, but I kinda add a very short s to the end.

And is it Coke-er or Cocker?
I thought it was like coke-er, but at the LBS the guy says it like cocker. :thinking:

And… When you say Muni, is it like Moony, Myuni, or Myu-nee?

Sorry for stealing your thread :smiley: (is it called thread jacking? :stuck_out_tongue: )

i think coker is said like its spelled.and that muni is like moony.

mooney? c’mon MYOU NEEE Muni its simple

mmk :smiley:

Myu-ne. Thats how I say Muni.

Coke-er. THats for Coker.


koxx=cocks… no comment there
muni= MEW knee
kris holm=kris HOLM not holmS
nimbus= NIM bus
cyclepro=just that
juggle bug=jug-GLEEEE-bag
ford = clunker!

A better question is how do you pronounce “qu-ax”?

I have always just said q-u-a-x for simplicity.

how do you guys prononce ISIS

i say it eye-sis

ISIS is pronounced eye-sis ( Is-Is would sound rather silly)

I pronounce Qu-ax as Q-axe, it’s quicker than Q.U.A.X and people know what you mean anyway.

HAHAHAH +1 HOMIE! I like the koxx puns so keep it koxx lol!

I pronounce it as two seperate words, like ‘queue axe’. Thats how Lucas pronounces it, and he should know.


There was a thread about that already. Has replies of the main Qu-Ax guy. Egon I think is his name.