koxx one products good?

so im thinking of upgrading my street uni and i want to get koxx isis hub and 110mm cranks i also want ot get a new seat, so what is your opinion on the koxx leather saddle

are these things good or is it a waste of money?

(edit:) can i fit the isis hub on a yuni frame

The koxx gel saddle is supposed to be really good for street, trials or freestyle.

The Koxx hub should be pretty strong I guess, but what do you already have? If you’re upgrading from KH or profiles to the Koxx hub, I don’t think there will be any strength upgrade.

Isn’t the KH trials the lightest at 12 lbs? And the onza hub and splined cranks…isn’t this already an ideal setup?

but i dont want to buy a new uni that costs 500$

and im upgrading from a non splined

I’m not sure if it will fit the uni frame, but I’ve heard koxx hub and cranks are very nice and strong. on my muni I’m going to have them. also, 110mm. cranks are way to short for trials. spencer is using them on his street uni that he bought from evan, so they can tell you how they like them. also, you can just get a nimbus gel saddle wich is pretty much the same thing, but has kevlar on the sides.

The Bearings should fit the frame you have no problem…Ntappin on thses forums runs K1 gear in a Yuni frame. I agree with Miles though…110 is alright if you ride pure Street and nothing else but id recomend 125s as a good mix between Trials and Street. You have the shortness to be ale to get speed but long enough that the uni wont be jumpy or difficult to control on skinnies and such.

I’m planning to when I have enough extra money cahnge my trials to koxx one wheelset, and get a splined freestyle street uni with koxx one hub and cranks and then it would be all interchangable. That will probably be in a loooooooooong time unless I figure out how to make alot of money really fast.

110s let you go faster but you have less control and you slip out more often. I like them on the splined freestyle but I don’t use it for trials. If its purely a street uni then the 110s would probably be fine, if you are going to use it for trials too then get the 125s.

job, job, and job. those are youre choices! it worked for me!

I’m 12 though:( my bike shop says I have to be 16 to work there too.:frowning: :frowning:

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The Koxx wheelset is one of the strongest on the Market. The cranks also have no Q-factor. I have been riding trials ca 1/2 year and have landed and not laned alot of jumps. as of now I have not had a Problem. I have 145mm Cranks and a Monty tire 2.7 grip for days. all under a KH frame.:smiley: