Koxx-One parts


I’m not riding my unicycle right now, hopefully next spring, but either way I don’t want to have these more so “expensive” parts.

I want to sell my:

White Try-All tire 20x2.5
Koxx-One Street cranks 135mm
Black singlebolt seatpost clamp

Everything is in great condition. The tire isn’t like the white when you buy it, but it’s not very dirty. The tread is pretty much like new. It’s perfect. The cranks are perfect. I haven’t done a grind or pedal grab with the so there’s only very slight wear from flatland. And the black singlebolt seatpost clamp is a clamp…

Canada & USA only. You pay shipping. No PayPal.

If your interested, we can discuss a price by either PM me or send an e-mail to: isaac.a.steiner@gmail.com



Can you post a picture of the tire. I may be interested!

If CustomUni isn’t interested in the tire. I am. Let me know price and shipping.

i am very interested in the cranks. how much? can you post pics please

Go ahead and give the tire to Ally, i am just gonna buy a new tire, thanks

If Ally is not interested in the tire anymore let me know:)
I going to email you tonight…

me too

If everyone else backs out I’m one hundred percent interested in the tire. I’ve got a wanted ad looking for one of those… I want one but the price is a bit steep for a new one.:frowning:

sorry guys, it’s mine :stuck_out_tongue: like seriously. I’m getting everything


are the cranks still avalable? :thinking: if it is can i see pics of them and how much for them?

Everything is up for grabs still :roll_eyes:

Okay, so Colby has backed out.

Jacob Flans is taking the tire.

So cranks are still up for grabs. The clamp will come with cranks.

So, who wants the cranks?



PS.: I e-mailed you…

Bump. Cranks/Seatpost clamp still available.

How much?


I might be interested in the cranks.

I’m open to offers. But I want them gone.


K1 Street cranks - sale pending.



how much are the cranks? i’m interested .