Koxx-One packs for Christmas !

For Christmas,
Koxx-One propose to you 3 differents Packs ! Trial Street and Flat !

Pack Trial Koxx-One:

Pit fighter III

  • Cranks 140 reinforced
  • 1 Saddle
  • 1 pair of ButterFly II
    = 129 € !!

Pack Street Koxx-One:

Pit fighter III

  • cranks 133
  • 1 Saddle
    = 109 € !!

Pack Flat Koxx-One:

Pit fighter III

  • 2 pairs of biscuit pedals
  • cranks 133
  • white light tire
    = 139 € !!!


woaaaaaa prices are sick!!
can be shipped to Arg?

Yes we can ship to Argentina :wink:

Does a person buy these directly off of the website? If so, how? P.S. I think the website is busted=/ Thanks

you can buy it here :wink:

Thanks, bro

All the descriptions are in French… Which trials and which muni 24" have splined cranks?

michae, i think all the trials/mountain unicycles have ISIS cranks :slight_smile:

These are actually really good value for money.

If anyone wants to buy a Koxx seat and cranks, I’m happy to get the Trials pack!