Koxx One Order?

I was wondering if anyone in the US has ordered a uni from www.peppl.com?

They have a better selection of unis than renegade juggling and division8 so I wanted to buy one from them.

Renegades selection is pretty damn good. Do the US economy a favor and order through them. I think the only the dont have is the new colored frames.
They have pretty much anythin you need for trials and street.

So you would recommend renegade juggling?

For K1, I would recomend renegade 100%.

Koxx is a little slow dealing with Renegade sometimes, tho looks like they are stocking parts very well these days. Shipping is cheap and quick, plus its a good idea to keep US dollars in the US if you can, even tho they are sending some to France. Their website has pictures now and they got pretty much everything you could need.

yeah, I got my luxury seat and pit fighter from them in like 2 days.

Alright thanks

My friend Orderd His Devil From Peppl alltho it was shipped to canada, it was extremely fast shipping and got a “FREE” uni-stand :stuck_out_tongue:

shipping comes pretty chep too :smiley:
(great service)
(exept for the UPs guy) :angry:

100% Renegade!

They are very attentive… I phoned Robert and he spoke on a very simple english…because my english sucks… he is really attentive…

Peppl didn’t answered one mail that i sended some months ago… consulting about shipping rates…

I recommend Renegade… I’m really thinking in Buy a Domina Frame with Robert in this Christmas… But my mother don’t want to spend too much in this christmas… because i will travel o this summer! :smiley:


PS: They have a lot of parts… and it’s cool… because they make a uni just for you… I bought a DH with Orange But Seat and Fluo green Wheel… It’s a very exclusive uni here in Brazil… :smiley:

go with renegade. They provide great service (better than i have had with UDC, and i have always had good service with UDC). If there is some flaw with your uni(as K1 has been known to allow) they will do everything they can to resolve this problem. my friend had a problem with his wheel and they paid for him to ship his old wheel back, and then shipped him a new one. So i would most def say go with Renegade, not only will you get great customer service, but they also have a plethora of cool parts to mix and match from. It’s almost like they’re an ice cream shop and your uni is a sunday you’re making

Brings a tear to my eye to hear so much great stuff about Renegade :smiley:



I wouldn’t order from anyone else if I was looking for a K1. That’s were I got my K1 Monster as well as several parts to upgrade a smaller unicycle. If you have questions about anything related to the K1 cycles or parts they WILL get you an answer.



I buy my devil on www.peppl.com and I live in Canada. I got any problem and it take 3 week to come…:slight_smile:

renegade doesn’t have a signature uni…