Koxx One Orange Bud?

I got my first unicycle, a crappy practice unicycle, for Christmas, and have already gotten into drops and stairs - so much fun! I’m probably going to end up breaking something soon, though - really bad, uncomfortable seat, plastic pedals, etc. It’s a Torkker, not sure what model. I’m 16, and finally have a job, so I can afford a good unicycle now. I’m thinking about a Koxx One Orange Bud. As I said earlier, my favourite things to do are drops and stuff like that. Is it a good unicycle? Anything better for less money? Is the seat comfortable? Will I be able to ride it the mile and a half to work and school?

Yeah, I am from the US. Northern Virginia, specifically. The Nimbus X ISIS looks pretty good, and it’s cheaper. One of unicycle.com’s distributors is a 30-minute drive away from me, so I sent them an email asking if they have one in stock already so I can try it out and see how it feels before buying.

Nimbus’ are only ok. The Orange Bud, on the other hand, is a really good unicycle. It’s strong and has the best cranks. But I would say get a Nimbus if don’t think you’ll stick with unicycling for long. However, If you can see yourself unicycling for at least two more years than the Orange Bud would be a better choice. As for a Kris Holm, almost everyone here will tell you they’re better, (in my opinion) Koxxs are way better than Kris Holms I have ridden a kris holm several times and own one and a half Koxxs.

Less than two years: Nimbus
More than two: Orange Bud

The KH, Nimbus, and K1 unis are all great. I prefer the KH unis from the others just because of the quality of the parts but they are all great, you’ll like whichever you end up buying.

edit @ uninorcal: why do you say the k1 street cranks are the best? They are tubular (which means that they are more prone to bending than solid cranks), and they rip up your ankles / shoes.

edit edit: the steel k1 frames also tend to have issues with the bearing holders as they aren’t machined like the KH ones are.

Honestly have you ever seen the K1 cranks bend? Plus they really don’t rip up shoes that bad. Have you ever ridden the K1 cranks? Just out of curiosity.

Maybe the best deal on the net now

227 euros = 293 USD $ . Koxx 0ne are great, it’s to bad that their excellent ISIS cranks are supposedly not interchangeable with the ISIS cranks of KH Nimbus or Qu ax. Still, at this price, Koxx is the way to go IMHO. It really gets down to the shipping cost. If you go this way, let us know what the hurt is on the freight.

Koxx have been unpopular in the USA because of high price, not quality problems. I think there is style points also, to have a orange bud in the sea of KH blues. If you can get the bud to your door for less then 400 $, that would be a great deal in the current market.


I’ve seen them bend, I wouldn’t say its an issue for the average rider but if you are considering strength, the moments are much stronger. When I used to ride the K1 street cranks I had a permanent hole in my ankle that I would hit on the crank every time I rode, and after every ride I would have to tear my stuck sock off my raw skin.

I think if you are going to say Koxx is better than KH you should include some explanation other than the fact that you’ve ridden both. The orange bud rim is strong because it isn’t drilled, but the combination of the steel frame and undrilled rim gives you a really heavy uni. I think the nimbus frame is better than the steel K1 frames. The design is similar but the nimbus has better bearing holders, the koxx frame is bulkier than it needs to be and it requires a shim to use a uni seat post.

I don’t see any reason why a nimbus uni wouldn’t last as long as an orange bud (as long as you used KH cranks on the nimbus).
The KH20 is pretty much a better nimbus, the frame is nicer, rim is wider and the uni is lighter in general.

I do agree that the K1 devil frames aren’t that strong. But as far as the cranks go, I simply said they’re better because I like to flatland and they are wider than the moments. I probably should have mentioned that :o. But I never said the nimbus wouldn’t last longer, I was trying to say that, in my opinion, the Orange Bud would be a better unicycle if you are going to stick with unicycling.

If you got a little money

I would be more tempted by the Koxx xtp trials then the orange bud. It’s just about 100 $ more, but you get the cnc alum frame, and a uni that will be a bit of a collectors item.

The sale price of the xtp is about the <400 $ ish price we were buying KH 20’s for a few months ago. I don’t want to debate the xtp vs KH, because I will probably never see an xtp. Which is a big reason to want one !

The KH would work as well, maybe better, for most riders as an xtp. I am the same way with motorcycles, I always want to go look at the obscure thing I rarely get to see. For that reason, I would take an xtp Koxx over a KH for even money. Even with the odd crank ISIS size. Perhaps the xtp will be discontinued.
I doubt that Koxx 1 is going anywhere, the Koxx bike biz (Koxx 2 ?) is a major player. But perhaps the xtp, which cost about 800 $ in the USA last year, was a poor seller, and may go the way of the Dodo. For 400 $ + shipping, you get a top line uni and a collectors item.:slight_smile:

I agree with what Spencer said and therefore would suggest to you either the KH or Nimbus with KH cranks.

Like you said, you like doing the drops and stuff like that, which to me seems more like trials. So you probably arent going to care that crankrolls are a bit easier with round koxx cranks and you will be wanting the strength from moment cranks.

XTP is okay, but is less versatile because of its frame design as its specialised for trials. And I dont want to restrict your riding styles at such an early stage of riding.

The KH and Nimbus frames are both great for all around styles. Street, freestyle and flatland moves can be done on their frame designs. And as mentioned before, are less bulky than the Koxx devil frames. Both KH and Nimbus have machined bearings, which doesnt make a huge difference in strength or performance, but makes it a bit easier to maintain your wheel.

In your case, as long as you go KH or Nimbus youll be happy, cause even if you want to do street, the uni will be near perfect for it, and for flatland, for just a tiny price, you an throw on some rolo discs to the moment cranks and have a sweet build for flatland.

Get the Nimbus with KH Moments.

It’ll last forever. And if you wanna do flat, you can just get some Rollodisks and be happy :smiley:

My koxx-one cranks are bent, it’s the reinforced model, and my Koxx-one devil frame is broken, that’s why I ride a KH now.

I absolutely love(d) my Koxx street cranks for almost 3 years. If I said they were still straight as an arrow I would be lying.

They do bend, mine are still ride-able, infact I cant even tell they are bent, because it happened slowly over time.

They are great cranks, and I never had issues with them hurting my ankles.

But I would say going with a Nimbus with Moments and Rollos(if you want to ride flat), is gonna give you a better uni for less money than the Orange Bud.

If style and color is important to you and you NEED a flashy uni, check out UDC Canada. You can get a super dope nimbus.

I am all about supporting your local uni shop, however Pete is building up some PIMP Nimbus unis… and shipping from Canada to US is not all that bad.

Thanks a ton guys! I’ve decided on getting the Nimbus with KH cranks. Where should I buy it though? Don’t know of any good websites, not sure who Pete is, and I don’t think any shops near me sell 'em. I live in northern Virginia, so what would be the best place to buy from?

Pete’s Web Page

Wow, the cranks are an extra $53? Shipping’s only $43, though. Total comes out to $400! That’s a bit more than I expected, but oh well. I’m going to see if one of my friends wants to take advantage of the sale they’re having - you can get a 2nd unicycle half-off, which would probably end up taking $75 off the cost for both of us. If she can’t, would anybody in the NoVa area want to get a unicycle 1/4 off?

Sounds like Pete could be at UDC Canada.

Also, what size cranks should I get? I’m about 5’10’’, 145lbs., if it matters.

I think you forgot prices are in Canadian Dollars, eh? That total would be more like 330, US.

EDIT: Shorter cranks - Easier(as in your legs make smaller circles) to pedal, smoother ride.
Longer Cranks - More control, more torque.

Hahaha, yeah, thanks! It’s $70 cheaper than I thought it was :smiley: I would’ve been willing to pay the higher price, though. I’ll probably go for a mid-size crank, just because I’m not sure which I’d want yet. It’s only a few mm. difference, so I doubt I’d be able to tell any difference anyway.