Koxx One 'Orange Bud' (few issues)

Welcome Everyone,

I bought a Koxx one ‘Orange Bud’ (brand new) around 2 years ago for £250ish GBP

Firstly I’d like to say how much how much I love this unicycle! And 2 years on, it’s a really good unicycle but I have some queries about the Koxx One company.

Has anyone else who has bought a Koxx One unicycle brand new noticed any problems?

So I open the box and check it all over… Everything is there:

  1. Firstly, I noticed the tyre was on backwards, this took me ages to fix because the tyre was so damn tight on the rim.

After fixing that I built it all and pumped up the tyre to about 35psi and something was wrong again. 2) The tyre doesn’t fit in the frame. At 35psi the tread was stuck tight against the frame. I let some air out and it was still rubbing terribly but now ridable. I kept it like this for months until the tyre is worn out enough that it doesn’t rub.

  1. I soon noticed that the tyre deflates ever so slowly when in use. I had to change the inner tube. (this took ages again due to the tight tyre)

Anyone else out there had any similar issues?

Thanks for reading,

The tire did hit the frame too when I bought my K-1 uni a few years ago. Mine came with some rubber shims to put between the bearings and the frame. The tire, not a big problem, I didn’t had this, but you can ride the tire backwards, it’s not going to change much. As for the slow flat, it’s probably when you turned your tire around the first time.

I loved my K-1 for the first ~10 months, then it started to break… bent cranks, bent pedals, broken frame, stripped seatclamp. I changed the broken parts for KH parts, now I really love my uni :smiley:

all trials tires are tight

The only problem I see in this is the tire rubbing the frame.

Trials tire are hard to put on and off a rim, so it’s normal you’re having a hard time if you’re not good at putting on or removing tires. As for you tube you may have a slow flat, their tube was probably intact when they shipped the unicycle to you… you might have pinched the tube putting the tire back on.

And last thing, if your tube problem has only been showing up recently, I wouldn’t call that a problem either… 2 years is a good life lenght for a tube, in my opinion.

i think 8 months is a GREAT life for a tube

Sorry. The tube started to deflate after about a week of riding.

Yeah you’re probably right about pinching the tube. I should of tested it back then. I assumed it was the valve not working and just bought a new one. This one has lasted around 2 years though.

YES! I have a black Domina II and the tire rubs! I filed down the bottom of the frame a little. The uni is still rideable though. As the tire wears down it will be less of problem.
You can hear the rubbing in this vid:


The Alien Backflip frames are basically the same as the Black Dominas, but the Aliens generally have more clearance. I’ve heard some people say there’s an annoyingly large amount of clearance, while others say it’s just right. It must have something to do with the manufacturing.

Otherwise I’ve not had any problems, and I don’t think it matters much if your tire is on backwards. I heard the try all tread pattern is supposed to funnel away mud, so unless your riding in wet terrain, I don’t think it really matters.

The tire rub sounds like an issue with wheel build, and not manufacturing (You can easily fix the true and round). My black domina II has very little clearance, but it is true, no issues with tire rub. I like the low clearance.

The largest the gap gets b/t the frame and tire is no more than 2mm of clearance (this is even after filing the bottom), so the part that rubs is a miniscule irregularity that I doubt truing could help because it probably has more to do with the tire/inner tube. As I said before, K-1’s frame clearance is inconsistent. You got lucky with a good frame, and I probably should have returned mine but I’m too impatient and didn’t want to send it back.

I agree that they may be inconsistent, but in your video I could only hear it rubbing in one spot of the wheel, which made me think that it was a issue with the “round”

I do love my K1 :slight_smile:

tire direction:

half of trial riders ride it “backwards” for more “brake-power”

but you are right, there was a charge with to less tire clearance - as I know they sold them as spezial offers;)…250 pound seem to be such a one.

all new Koxx-one have more tire clearance!

for a true trials unicycle i think you need more clearence

Thanks, i never realised that they were sold cheaper because of this. Also didn’t realise the more “brake-power” thing.

Thanks for the information everyone.

Am I right in saying that for a trails tyre, the try-all is quite narrow, and the creepy crawler and MEC are a lot wider. If that is the case, surely many koxx riders will have problems fitting a CC or MEC?

BTW, Cliff425, where in Somerset are you?

Not really, more clearance = more chance of hitting your knees on the frame. If you’re going to ride off-road then yes, clearance is good to allow for mud on your tyre.

Were i live I like having a little bit more mud clearance than the deval frames have but when it us dry it is fine

I got my K1 White Widow also a bit over a year ago now (feb before last) and I haven’t had any issues with it.

The clearance is minimal under the frame but not close enough to be rubbing (got about 5mm maybe slightly more)

Only thing I don’t like is having a cromo frame - I have been touching up parts so they don’t rust (not too fussed about the scratches though) and becuase it’s chromo and therefore thin walled, I have recently dented it hitting something (probably a metal tube at the top of a skatepark ramp).

Mine was £210 from firetoys and I think the orange bud was about £250 at the time but I didn’t want a solid rim and I didn’t have enough money for it either :smiley:

my frame is coved and it is holding up fine

Oh I’m expecting it to hold up fine but I do have a KH longneck frame waiting to be used once I get it re-welded.