Koxx One or Torker

I’m planning on getting a new uni to learn some street tricks and eventually some jumps and drops, though right now I am more interested in wraps and basic things.
I was planning on getting a Koxx-One White Russian 20" as I foundthem dirt cheap and have heard great things about Koxx-One but then I ran across the Torker DX 2011 trials on UDC. I love the woodgrain look and from what I can tell it is pretty strong so I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking it too soon (I crash a lot when trying to do tricks at this point). I also noticed that a lot of people have said that the DX is fairly heavy and thus difficult for hops and things.
Is it worth an extra $100 for he DX or is the White Russian strong enough to learn on without breaking it too easily?

Thanks for your time.

Go for the Koxx one. Most people here are riding a Koxx or Kris Holm, they seem to be the two best.

Well the DX is at normal price, but the K1’s are at like 1/3rd or less than their normal price. I have heard that the DX is tough, but also very heavy. I’d go with the K1, I bought a K1 during the recent sales and I am very glad I did!

Well I will always recommend Kris Holm, but if you only wonna have on of these two I would recommend th K1 :slight_smile: I think my friend had his K1 Devil for over 2 yrs before the frame broke…

That’s a no brainer. K1. Check to see if other color combors that you may preffer are available where you are. (Koxx makes a pretty wide variety)

Normally the Koxx is more $. The DX is heavier but usually cheaper.

Edit: Of course if you can afford the extra $ for a Kris Holm, Impact, or aluminum Koxx and they are available, I’d get that over the steel White Russian.

koxx one is usually much better. i have a friend with the DX and the frame is super wide, very heavy, and it sticks out way too much.

Thanks for the help. It seems unanimous that the K1 is the way to go.