Koxx-one or Impact?

Which company do you guys prefer for trials riding? Why? Oh, and will the koxx-one tryall 19 inche rim fit with a trial tire? (Maxis creepy crawler) Here is a link to the rim; http://www.renegadejuggling.com/c249/c251/Koxx-One-Tryall-19-Wheel-p260.html Thanks!

k1 and impact are both very good companies and depending on you price range k1 is cheeper. You will also be able to fit any mod trials tire on that rim (including the creepy crawler).

Koxx one is going to be out of business and Impact need to grow mooooore
Koxx one be part of K124 who don’t care about unicyclists and Impact manager is Yoggi, who love unicycle and need money for innovations

make your choice

k1 needs to leave k124

lol, they are nobody to run K1, and without K124, K1 is nothing

I’d go for Impact for sure!

impact for the win!