Koxx one on Ebay

I couldnt find a thread about this already, so I thought I would ask. The Koxx One unicycles on E-bay seem to be a good price. I dont know how to attach a pic so all I can say is they are on the North American Ebay site? I just wanted to know if they are good unicycles for trials, or is the Torker DX or some other uni on unicycle.com a better bargain? Any help is appreciated!

they are an amazing bargain, i think the prices are even better on www.makais.com and www.meijer.com though?
lucky americans! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think makais is still selling them at a good price, but meijer stopped their deal, which was about 40-80 dollars cheaper than makais. I made a thread about it. Reminder: Last Chance for the Awesome Koxx One Deals

Also see MuniAddict’s thread K1 unis on ebay for cheap!

Yesterday was my first payday at my new job so I decided to treat myself to a new uni, picked up a Domina from Makais. Wish I had seen the better prices a few days ago but oh well. Thanks for the heads up guys.