Koxx One news

It is a long time I havn’t post any news, check www.koxx-one.com web site!



But thats it? or are you gonna let us in on some big news?
Somethin along the lines of white tires. Removable seat covers. C’mon …spit it out, hahha what else you got brewin’?


The colors for these frames were clearly selected with the white try-all in mind. Its just a matter of time.

removable koxx covers…nice! i hope i hear more soon b/c i want a new seat and plan to order one but want to see good options b4 i do!!

I saw those, looks intresting.
Don’t know if they hold beter then the KH ones, time will tell.

Peter M

are they already available?

i cant wait, im holding off buying a new tire in hopes that they come out soon…

Enzo posted his uni on a Custom KOXX Unicycles Thread, and he said that it has a CF Seat Post…
I clicked on the photo, and in the bigger version, you can easily see that it have a CF seat base…


Anyone know about that!?

I can’t wait to see the new products…! I’m just waiting new realeses to buy some new parts!


They are called “prototypes”
This means only sponsored riders get to ride them untill tested enough.

Peter M

that white tryals tested plenty for me

Post or base?

CF seat bases have been out for a long time. I have never heard of CF seat posts before.

I’m wondering the same thing. Enzo had said CF seatpost but that seatpost looks to be painted metal to me. You can see where the acorn nuts ground off the paint from the post bracket and also what seems to be a weld where the post meets bracket. Doesn’t look CF to me. I say its a pit fighter post with a CF seatbase.

Exactly what I wanted to say!

Yeah, CF Seat Bases are avaliable, but i don’t heard anything about CF Seat Bases for Koxx Seats…From Koxx-one…


I want the pink frame and the pink tire from UDC :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys they have CF seatpost’s, and they’ve been out for a while. Just go to your local bike shop and look, their meant for bikes but I looked a some last weekend (held them in my hand) and I’m sure you can use a KH rail adapter

We aren’t debating whether or not CF seat posts exists for bikes, we are well aware that they do. We are debating the fact that it certainly doesn’t look like a CF seatpost in that photograph and also whether or not they have been made for unis yet. No one wants to ride a rail adapter on a street/trials/flatland uni.

i know what a prototype is…im not stupid…i just thought since you said you had “seen them” i thought you meant like at a store or on a website.

I know your not stupid, I’m just making things funny as I write it down :roll_eyes:
I saw them on the internet, not on a shop or anything.
But patience is a good deal, when tested enough it will come out.

Peter M

cool cool…do you have a link where you saw them?

I think Xav has one in his No Flip in Flat vid.