KOXX ONE new products !!!


I´ll get them next week !


omg i want the pink one!! as if i don’t get enough attention as i’m riding along already. that pink rim is tight though.

Blueberry comes with (cheap) Try all platform pedals, White Widow comes with “24 butterfly” pedals wich are way more expensive (but way more efficient for trial)

those look nice, ill take the white widow, and one of those seats, cause the stock white widow seat looks like a killer

the price is sugestive too


I had my white widow a few weeks ago. Have to say it looks SOOO GOOD!!!:smiley:
And it’s the first one in Finland. not that here would be too many riders around…
And my friend bought blue berry, looking good also.

I wanna get the pink one for my girlfriend!

if u got ur girlfriend the pink 1 ud have 1 very happy girlfriend.