KOXX ONE new products !!!

Hello All,

Have a look on that ! :wink:


I must say, all the new Koxx stuff is pretty sweeeeeet. White widow is my fave.

Very nice like the white widow myself my gilrfriend wants a pink lady and she cant even uni anyone got a price on the new seats

yoggi (or someone else ) can you tell me why the “white widow” costs 60€ more than the “blue barry” ?

Looks like it’s a different price due to a slightly different seat (the white widow saddle has kevlar) and the pedals are also different.

That’s from looking at the specs on the website :slight_smile:

those look amazing! Its such a good thing to name uni’s after riders.

Nice work


I don’t see a ‘Dustin’s machine of Death’ there, you missed one Yoggi…

Nah, nice unis, white widow might be a bit overpriced like said above, the blue carebear seems to be the same… (havn’t seen specs)

Yeah, so, are they beefed up more, or is it just the same Devil with different color scheme?

And the seats have a Kevlar base?

No, the kevlar seems to be around the sides of the saddle, incorporated into the cover. Meant to stop it wearing out I suppose.

EDIT: Oh and the only way they seem to beefed up is by the new seat and different pedals.

is therea K1 reatiler in canada??

they are sex on wheel… s

totally awesome!


Straight from dealer section on the koxx-one website:

BOX #11 - 1697, rue Notre-Dame
L’Ancienne-Lorette, Québec
tel: (418) 874-0251
fax: (418) 874-0251

Those r some sweet lookin rides…

how stiff are the koxx1 seats, better than KH, worse than viscount?

Like the Kh Seat

those are beauty machines, nice seats too!

I WANT A BLUE BERRY!!! i got it as my wallpaper on my computer and i dreamed that i got one last night. Theres no1 in Australia that gets them. is there? other wise ill prolly get one from the german uni.com. they said that they’ve got some on order, and they should arrive in the next two weeks. And that koxx has told them that the price of 360 euro’s is not a fixed price and might change a bit. Just in case anyone else cared.


Those are wicked
have they been only improved asthetically or however you spell it or is the standard of them higher aswell

“white widow”, Is it named by the dutch pot?

there is no retailers in australia,

I just got some new K1 parts from municycle.com, but i don’t think they have the blueberry there yet, you’d have to email Roland.

Otherwise, koxx-one.com is the way to go.

where abouts in australia are you?


mmmmmmmmmm pretty … i want a seat