koxx-one new models???

I’d like to buy new uni(I was decided for K1 cow), but on k-124house.com are all unis with devil frame unavailable, do you thing, that new models would come?

i dont know where your from but www.unicycle.com will probably have something, if your in the UK theres also www.firetoys.com and oddballs.com
from the US theres also www.renegadejuggling.com

I’m from Czech republic

if you mean that you are wondering if koxx one is coming out with new stuff then yes. there is another hread whitch discusses it but I know there are new cranks coming out and a new devil 2 frame so that might be why they’re unavailable

Ya try renegade juggling i just orderd my K1 flight they’re getting a new shipment next week some time and they’re getting black frames.