Koxx-One "Limited Edition" Custom 19'' White/Green

Tonight, I purchased a Koxx limited edition whiteframe/limegreerim 19’’ uni with 140mm cranks from devision8. These guys are great to deal with, there customer serivce is excellent. I reccomend them for any unicycler looking for Koxx Unis in Canada!

My uni will hopefully be in monday or tuesday, depends when they ship it.

heres a pic

Looks really cool, how much did it cost you? Did you go with the street or the trials cranks(light/reinforced)?

trials cranks and im not sure, total is 500 bucks with shipping in Ontario


my Koxx unis is going to be here on friday!!! im so happy!!!

What Model did you get?

Those colours a pretty damn pimp :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, I just saw all those pictures on the division8 site. It looks like they made the colors brighter because the blueberry seat does not look that color in person.

Thanks guys, yeah im pretty excited, bad thing is they only have one of each model, but im sure they will make different customs later on! I wonder how light they are, and if there gokod for street riding

Those colors are sick!!

Yeah, hope its like and good for street riding, also how do you edit your little message above your avatar?

go to the user CP in the map thingy that says all the words like user CP FAQ Members list calendar new post gallery forum home and click user CP and go find the thing that lets u edit it…

it comes with cranks doesnt it…

yes it does they didnt put them on becuz they had only one image of uni and 2 choices for cranks im guessing

be sure to post some pics when it comes!

Very clever business tactic by Division8. Even though it’s technically not ‘limited’ edition at all, it certainly attracts customers with colourful new options.

Enjoy the Devil, they are good unicycles.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thats not the blueberrey seat :slight_smile:

anyway, pimping uni

he’s talking about this.

uh oh, the guy said this thing cant handle big drops and hops, so i might have to get the orange bud!

lol nvm that was a reply from Darren about a wheelset, my bad , its shipped out now!


The unis are advertised as devils and devils come w/ reinforced. Feel free to correct me if im wrong