Koxx One ISIS hub width?

How far apart are the bearings on the Koxx One ISIS hub? I’d like to use one for a wheel set I’m building and want to make sure it’ll fit my frame.

I don’t know how far apart they are but I do know they fit in a yuni frame, so if you can find out how wide a hub a yuni will accept you can find out.

since “all” are 100 c-c it should be just that.
if not, you could rearange the spacers!

Splined Unicycle Hub Comparator

is it 100mm between the bearings or from bearing axle to bearing axle?
(how much space left between bearings?)
other question: could we get rid of the flanges (and the envelope that supports the flange) ; keep the naked axle and provide our own envelope+flanges ?
(by “envelope” -I do not know the exact term- I mean for instance the coloured part of QU-ax axles)

Thanks for the info. I realized another problem though. My frame uses 40mm bearings and the Koxx One uses 42mm. Are there 40mm bearings that will fit the Koxx One hub? The Kozz One hub is the only one I’m really considering now because of the shorter cranks available, and I’d rather not have to buy a new frame as well. Hopefully something will work out.

What frame do you have?

Onza uses the 40mm OD nimbus II frame for the kh/onza 42mm OD bearings, as they aren’t too tight… it isnt a problem.


I have this frame but I still use the stock koxx, splined hub.

The 100mm is from the centre of one bearing to the centre of the other. I believe with the Koxx the centre part of the hub and the flanges are welded on, so they cannot be pressed off like on Kh and Onza hubs, so no i don’t think you could use the axle and make your own hub, unless they’ll sell you just the axle as a one-off.

I’m using a Nimbus X frame. I’m not sure, but for some reason I think my Dad’s uni uses 42mm bearings. Maybe I’ll go over and borrow it to see how it fits. Thanks for the help.

Another question regarding width- how does the Q-factor compare with the KH/Onza?

Is it compatible with the KH frame?

The Koxx ISIS cranks are dead straight (perpendicular to the axis of the axle), they have no Q angle and thus vary from the KH/ONza cranks, which have quite a lot. I have seen a KOxx hub in a KH 24 '05 frame working fine, so yes they are compatible.