koxx one is no more

Its in Spanish, and my phone won’t let me paste the translation so some body else will have to.

Weird, I’ve never actually known whether they are out of business or not.

What will people do for Try all tires now?

Why not go to the English version of the page?


I thought doing it that way would be to easy

Fin? f word…

They clearly are being liquidated.

However a restart might be possible.
Sometimes this is needed if the government don’t give a permit to fire staff.
That’s just generic info; I have NOT any idea or clue if any of the above applies here.

Depends whether Try-All is just a tradename of Koxx One or was a seperate company within the same holding?

The page shows the contact details of the curator who could sell the most expensive investment to produce tires; the mold.
If there isn’t a restart they are probably less sad to see their designs did no fade away.

I know a few guys with good contacts in the trials world and from what I’ve heard a restart won’t be happening. I don’t know for sure what’s gone down within the company but a disgruntled employee posted this on a trials forum

As for the tyres, Try-All tyres haven’t been available exclusively through Try-All for a while now, a few other companies have had them on their price lists branded as Try-All.

Most of what I’ve heard regards the trials bicycle stuff which might possibly be picked up by the other various manufacturers so with any luck someone will pickup the rights to the uni stuff as well.

Does this even effect unicycling, though? I thought Koxx One shut down a while back and became Impact. That’s what I was told anyway…

Still, I’m surprised Koxx (K-124) have shut down - I thought they were a real big player in the trials world.

Koxx-one did not become Impact, the ex-owner of Koxx-One is the current owner of Impact. From what I remember when Impact started buiness, there used to be a few problems between the owner and employees at Koxx-One, so Yoggi decided to left Koxx-One behind and start on a new track with Impact.

I want to know what’s gunna happen with the unsold stock in the warehouse?

That is a good question. It might get auctioned to cover company’s unpaid bills and if it is bought by a bike parts reseller, it might end up sold to customers.

Group buy?

(Queue the people saying it’s useless and not worth buying - they made nice seatposts and rims.)

Unfortunately, I don’t think so. We may be talking about the whole Koxx stock so maybe thousands of euros of parts. If it is auctioned, it will go to a company that has the money and wish to resell them.

If you have some money unused, be my guest. I will help you afterward by bying you a couple of tires and maybe a rim or two :stuck_out_tongue:

And then I’d be left with all the crappy steel frames :wink:

Don’t forget the old-style Muni saddles and the non-standard ISIS cranks :smiley:

Haha, I was just coming on to correct your original comment - then saw you’d edited it already.

Yeah, non-ISIS, ISIS cranks - dunno how they managed to make a non-standard standardised crank type.

I almost bought a koxx, but that was one af the features that put me off, as I wanted smaller kranks on it and the koxx brand ones were £60, wich adds quite a bit to the price when your skint, it went for a qx series trials instead, and glad I did

This ends the KH K1 Rivalry

Well I guess that we will not be seeing much more of the who is better K1 or KH posts!

Wow check this out!

Yeah that’s pretty standard, the company has gone bust so the server gets reset and opens the door for some loner sat in his bedroom somewhere.

Also in the news, Dom Hermance the man originally behind Koxx is starting up again from scratch. Not sure if the unicycle world will be dealt with again though as there is no mention of it here http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tribalzine.com%2F%3FDom-Hermance-lance-Hashtagg-Nous

And a word from a team rider http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gillescoustellier.com%2Findex.php%3Foption%3Dcom_content%26view%3Darticle%26id%3D254%3Ala-fin-de-koxx%26catid%3D1%3Ales-news-de-gilles-coustellier%26Itemid%3D70