Koxx One Info

Does anyone have info on the Koxx one Alien Backflip 22"?
So this says it is a 22" tire. is this on a 19/20" rim with a really high volume tire? or is it an actual 22 inch rim? If so, is there a 22" Alien backflip frame and a 20" alien backflip? I am trying to get some more information on the legendary unicycling company! Please share all the knowledge you have.

The tire and rim were both 22". Not many people got their hands on this unicycle. If I am not wrong Eddie Ducol rode that 22" rim for ages (looks like a 20" on him because he’s so tall.

Koxx-one went out of business about 10 years ago


I’m guessing Koxx made a 19" and a 22" frame? Or do people just put 19" wheels in the 22" frame?

I was riding my Koxx earlier today. There’s a bit of info about it here: Koxx Fluo??