Koxx One in USA !

Cox as in Tyler…

i’m glad someone went with a standard crank interface, even if it is a bike standard. it’s still an existing standard that hopefully other manufacturers will start following. standardization will only help the sport.

You’d be ok with 2 left-hand bicycle cranks, as long as you always only pedalled forwards with the left foot and only pedalled backwards with the right.


I think the point is that Koxx is setting an example. If every splined uni was ISIS we could get any size we wanted, and we would have a choice when it comes to crank arms on our splined unis.

I think Koxx went ISIS becuase all Koxx bike trials stuff is ISIS, so they’ve got the most experience with that system. Onza (and then the KH/Onza) hubs use 32 spline becuase thats the system Onza has the most experience with. Onza could use ISIS, but because Onza haven’t got that much experience using ISIS, they’d be crappy.

What would you prefer, 1 trials hub thats any good, with a limited selection of crank sizes, or 4 Trials hubs that are all built to the highest strength their manufacturers can achieve, and with a larger selection of crank sizes? If everything was standard, what makes one maufacturer preferable over another? Might as well just have 1 company supply us everything…


As it happens Onza do have a lot of experience with ISIS (possibly more than Koxx, certainly comparable), the majority of their top end bikes have ISIS, both Trials and Mountain bikes. If you find the brand “Tensile” on a crank, that is Onza.


No offense, but this is the most bizarre statement I’ve read in a while.
Ask the same question about cars and computers and ___________ (fill in the blank with any appliance or electronic device), and you’ll see it makes non sense.

What makes you favor Dell over Compaq ? They both are standard PCs, different options, different prices, different service, different look etc. Yet they are both standard computers with interchangeable optical drive, mouse, video card etc.

standardization helps the consumer. it makes things easier, faster, and cheap, at least from our end. Imagine not having to worry about whether you even can switch hub/crank sets because the new one might not fit. You’d go with the brand that you like most not the one that (only) fits.

Hey all, I just spoke with Tim at Trialsin USA, he’s in NY and he says he can get Koxx parts. Check out his trials website, the email & phone number is on there.