Koxx One in USA !


That’s it, KOXX ONE is available in USA !!!
The importer is the famous TOM RENEGADE, www.renegadejuggling.com
Known for his quality juggling equipment, he chose Koxx one for the same reason.
Don’t hesitate to contact him if any queries at : info@renegadejuggling.com



Thats great news, I love renegades juggling equipment, and I’ve been looking for a freestyle uni, I might talk to him about a Koxx.

there has been a post on this but… another wont hurt!


p.s i heard something about a fault with the cranks is this true

i didn’t think that there was any problems with the cranks… yoggi rides on them, and he’s extreme.

but i DO remember hearing something about them being aluminum? probably not, but I don’t really know.

yes, they are 7075 aluminium.

how light are they?! they’re plenty strong, I know, and if they’re really light to that would be awesome.

le cranks for

really light, allmost as light as kh but not quite, but they are like 70 bucks cheaper. also you can use any ISIS bmx crank on it. there are tons of compatible cranks.

It might be a dumb question but wouldn’t you get two left foot cranks if you were to buy bike cranks ?
How about the lenght, can you get 104mm bike cranks ?

There is no more problems with those cranks… but there used to.
having riden with both “old” cranks and the new ones I can tell you that the problem is fixed (crank/pedal interface). And you don’t need to use washers anymore with the new cranks.
I wouldn’t say Koxx trials/Munis are the best available (always the same KH vs ____ -fill the blanks- debate) but probably the best quality/price rate

Ok Ive never seen a good lcose up pic of a Koxx unicycle and DANG!!! I want one…that hub and crank design is great, They look like cotterles but splined, so less ankle clip! Thats tight!

Hey…can the Koxx cranks fit on the Torker Hub, they are both 10 spline…but are they compatable?

I would really doubt that… the Qu-Ax cranks are 10 spline but they don’t fit very well.

(the qu-ax cranks fit loosely on the Torker DX hub, but the DX cranks don’t fit on the Qu-Ax hub.)

hm, thas wierd…has anyone ever tried the koxx to hte torker?

If the koxx fit the torker then the torker would have to be ISIS too, right? I don’t think it is.

I think having an ISIS hub on a uni is kind of stupid. Sure you can use alot more cranks but generally bike cranks are alot longer than uni cranks. It might be useful on a muni where you would use longer cranks but not on a trials uni.

They didnt just use isis so u could use bike cranks, ISIS is just a really strong hub/crank interface i think.

I didnt know about a problem with the cranks, i have to use a washer on my pedals but they seem fine, when i ride backwards for a while my pedals come loose. Is that what it is?

you can get bike trials cranks in 140…

That’ll happen on all cranks/pedals. That’s why there is a right and a left. Riding forward works to tighten them and backwards to loosen them, assuming you do not have the pedals on tight enough.

Unless they use ISIS because propriatory systems suck and we’d all be better off if people would adhere to standards. No more of that “will a XXX bearing fit on an XXX frame” etc etc. If Unis and Bike (esp bikes) would just follow standards the world would be a much better place.

I always wondered; is it pronounced “Cox,” as in Tyler___, or “Cokes,” as in multiple sodas? Or, “I tried to coax the donkey, but he wouldn’t move.”

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