Koxx One In australia (clothing?)

HI guys, I know how hard it is to get Koxx one Unicycles in Australia but I was wondering about all the Koxx gear. Theres some awesome clothes on the Koxx site which I want to get. Is there anywhere In Australia where I can get this gear? Also what about the Try all gear is that available here In AUS?

THanks Guys. Couldn’t get anything from search.

Yah, I’ve been wondering the same thing except for the USA, I emailed Renegade and they said they were unable :frowning:

Why does Koxx not use UDC to distrubute there uni’s and gear ??

Yeah, the only place they sell them is that peppl.com or whatever. UDC would be easier for everyone and they would deffinertly sell more.

Because they’d be a lot more expensive from shipping costs (I think I heard that somewhere…) or something like that or it’s Renegade’s thing, not really sure, although it would be cool if they at least had some stock K1s…

yeah it’s lame that UDC dont sell K1 i really wanted a seat:(

Try: www.municycle.com

Thanks Pro. There Us aussies can get koxx gear but the shipping will be around $40 just for a shirt!! Quiet exspensive. Why cant Koxx make it possible for us to get there stuff at fare prices? WHY??

Hey we have just started a new company Unicycle Online Pty Ltd. We don’t have a site yet but are putting together an order which we hope to place with koxx one in the next week or so. We are ording a bunch of t-shirts and shorts, and a number of devil flights for starters.

The prices will be roughly the same as the Euro listed prices, but in Australian dollars. We’re trying to work on a 1.6 conversion rate for this first run. Prices will include GST of course.

Please let us know if there is anything you are interested in.

Hey Kidmuni, When you got it all up and running could you please send me a pm or Email. Thanks. I want to get a koxx shirt and jumper. If the price is fare, Thanks!

We will only be selling Koxx-one logo shirts, debardeur singlet and the shorts for this run.
But if you want us to order you a jumper we can.