Koxx-One Hub &(street) Cranks/KH Rim

Selling a lightly used wheel. K1 street cranks on reinforced hub, laced to the new style KH rim with 14g spokes.

The Cranks have some scratches and paint wear from normal riding, but have only seen minimal usage. Still prefectly straight and absolutely no slop to hub. They do not have self extractors.

Hub is in perfect condition although one bearing is a little funky. It still works fine, tho getting an extra set of bearings would be a good idea if you want it to feel like new. (when I mean it stills works fine, I mean that if I were keeping this setup I would ride it as is with no worries.

The rim is even more lightly used than everything else. I will even give it a little true and tension before I send it out. It is built with some nice silver 14g spokes in a 4 cross pattern… I lined them up with the valve hole wrong sorry about that… doesnt really affect anything.

*one note about the rim, I had issues with this rim (brand new) slicing my tubes at the valve, I tried sanding it a bit, but in the end I ended up using this setup with a Presta style tube and a little adapter for the presta to fit correctly… Im sure you could get a Schrader tube to work fine with a little work on the rim. It was just easier for me at the time to buy the spacer for a dollar.

I am asking $200.00 plus shipping, OBO.
This setup is HOT, I just have other wheels and need me a new computer.




$175, shipped…

how much would you part with just the cranks for?

…and how much abuse would they take? 5-foot drops?

i’m 170lbs and ive dropped nearly 8 foot on my K1 street cranks. They’ll be fine :smiley:

If you can find, or if someone comes along here, that wants the rest of the wheel is the only way I am interested in parting this out.

Wish I could help you out man, but the best I could do is 100 for the wheelset without cranks. Also I have some Tensile cranks lieng around, but I don’t think you would want those. Also mine will probably be fine for a few more months… We could try and work something out if you like.

Would moments fit on this?

I’d go 150 shipped on the whole thing if you would be interested.

Moments will attach although you will not be able to use rollos (even with the long bolts)

That change your mind?

I actually think I’ll take the whole thing if it’s still available. Shipping to Canada might be a little more than you want to pay, so I’d be willing to give you maybe $180-185 shipped.

Thanks, quaxer

I’ll let quaxer have it but if it falls through I might be open to it still. PM me if he decides he doesn’t want it.