Koxx one hub/crankset questions

I’m realy thinking about buying a Koxx one hub/crankset but I’m not sure.
How are they?
Do they grind good?
Anybody bent them yet?

Peter M

They are perfect for grinding, the shape is such that they won’t roll around and they are nice and flat so they fit well. Just be sure that unless you are buying the 140mm cranks they come with a washer that fits inbetween the crank and the pedal otherwise the part that holds the pedal into the crank will come crazy loose after big drops and lots of grinds and your pedals will be slanted down all the time. (like mine)

Also where are you planning on buying your hub/crankset?


But are the cranks good for grinding rails?

Peter M

I’m guessing they are. also, I was owndering, do they make a tool to switch koxx cranks quickly?

I think for rails you mostley use your pedal. For ledges and stuff you have more room so you can fit your crank on to. I have heard that some exetremly good riders find them alot stronger.


Well for rails you don’t want to be on the crank as you have more of a likelyhood of getting the rail caught between the crank and the tire, and since the koxx cranks are flat they won’t roll off in either direction as much. this is both a good thing and a bad thing because although you are less likely to slide off the crank into a bad position (like between the tire and the crank) you are also less likely to slide onto the pedal which is what you want when grinding rails.

I love my Cranks despite the fact that they didn’t send me the washer and my cranks are horrible now.