Koxx-One Green Spirit!

Hello Guys!

I have a Koxx One Green Spirit for sale. It’s without spokes and seatpost… The tire is an almost new CC!

I will be in Europe in January and I can bring it with me and send to someone from france or from Cologne (Wuko)

I can sell the entire uni or just some parts alone, but I MUST have at least 200 Euros until January! (So talk with your friend and try to sell other parts for them)!

Pictures coming soon!

Now make offers

EDIT: I can also send to US, but a 4kg box shipping would cost about 70 dollars…

Hmm, out of interest.

Would you sell the frame, and for how much?

Shipping to Canada would probably be similar to the US, or if you go to OUI’09 :wink:


Just an idea: Would shipping be less if you took it to france and shipped it to Canada from there? Just thought it could save some potential buyers some money.

mmmm how much is 200 euros in aus??

i would love it if i could get it ^^
dont want to hang on to it till
unicon pedro.

i want the seatclamp:) how much will you sell the cranks?

I was about to ask how much it would be in Canadian dollars, but then I decided I wouldn’t be lazy and would find it myself.

Money Exchange



I don’t think that it would save some money… Would cost almost the same!

200 isn’t the price of the entire Uni…!!! 200 Euros is what I need on hands to sell it as spare parts… So if you want something that costs 100 euros, you must find someone to pay something that costs 100 euros… So I can sell it…

Just make an offer!

I will post the pics in some minutes!

The Frame: Some Scratchs… Most marks you see on the pics are from the shoes… There’s a big scratch under the seatpost, but it’s impossible to see!

Hub+Cranks+Pedals: Almost new. One of the sides are without paint because my friends grinded it at UNICON, but everything is fine ;). Pedals are almost new and I have all pins. On the pic I took out all pins from one side of each pedal.

Seatclamp: Black One Bolted. I will sell it with the frame…

Tire: A bit used, but it’s ok for flat and street… For trials too… Just a bit used… (I only used at UNICON, I use Try Alls)

Seat Pictures coming soon!

I posted broken links! Now working:



Cranks, Hubs and Pedals:


If you have any special items, I may be interested in trading… offer!

Do you have a cf base on there? If you do I’ll buy it right now.

No, sorry… I only have the seat :frowning:

how much would you want for the frame??

make me an offer, i’m not good for giving offers to buy thing, seatclamp+cranks, how much will you accept?

A Black Domina 1 costs 269 US DOllars, The Green Spirit costs 189 Euros on K124 House. What do you think of 110 Euros?

Isaac already said that want this frame on MSN, so let’s wait his answer!

(I’m not really good to make offers)

It’s pretty new, there’s just the grinded size without paint. In Renegade would cost 208 US Dollars. What you think about 90 Euros? I think it’s a good deal…

How you guys are willing to pay? PayPal? Something like that?


I guess I don’t have the money for the frame, so anyone else can have it.


cranks are $128 US on renegadejuggling.com, 90 Euros is 125$.

PS. i want only the cranks and the seatclamp, no hub, no pedals…

Oh… I thought you want the Hub too… It’s hard for me to sell onlt the Cranks… I will not use the hub for anything and would be really hard to sell :frowning:

If you find a friend to buy the hub would make everything easier…

Cranks: 80 US Dollars?

i may be interested in the wheelset (less spokes and rim.)

got any prices?

Pedals, Cranks and Hub: 105 Euros!

Cranks and hub: 90 Euros!

Is that including shipping to the US?