Koxx One Free Tricks 400mm

I tried posting this under product reviews but got no response so i am now posting it here
i am looking at getting the Koxx Free Tricks 400mm, is it a good unicycle and worth the money or can i get one that is just as good and less money? Keep in mind i live in the US

I would recomend you from the usa the Nimbus long neck unicycle, the frame is much better for freestyle then the koxx frame because it has a flat crown.

it depends of the wheel you want to use
sometime on the nimbus long neck, the tire is a bit too far from the frame and on the freetricks, this distance is very short which is very important fro all the tricks with a feet one the tire

Yes that the nimbus frame is so far away sucks, http://www.ajata.de/ratshop/offerdetails.php?id_offer=309&from=offers this unicycle is in my eyes perfect, and very cheap, but i dont think it is avaible in the usa and i dont know the shiping costs from germany. The koxx wheel is not very strong, Felix Dietze has destroyed his own, very fast doing only flatland.

yeah i don’t think i can get that one in the U.S., I have herd a lot about the nimbuses having a high crown so that is why i have stered away frrom them, the free tricks diesnt have a flat crown like the nimbus but it still looks like i might be able to set my foot on it but if someone has wrecked the wheel on one from minimal riding then i’m not sure i want to spend the money on it, i’m not sure what i’m going to get yet

how much do you want to spend, and what do you want to use it for??

I want to spend under 400 and i’m going to use it for freestyle, at first my limit was around 200 because i’m leaving for school but now that i’ve made more m oney than i thought i was my limit is under 400

you could build one so that its perfect for you.

waht I think is a perfect frame for freestyle that I will probably get if I ever fell inclined to get a freestyle uni si koxx signature frame. it’s pretty pricey though.

Just for information, you can buy Koxx One stuff in US at http://www.renegadejuggling.com


yeah that’s where i would get it from, building a unicycle is a good idea, didnt really think of that. i will look into if i can get a koxx signature one freame in the us.

the signature frame is pretty pricey, but I think youc ould build an aweomse uni with it.

yeah i’m seeing if i can get the signature one frame shipped over seas

okay so i just did some more research and found that the signature frame goes for 223 usd before shipping over seas and it is going to cost me atleast 200 for the rest of the stuff putting me over 400 so i think i might just go with the free tricks unless anyone has any reccomendations, i looked at the nimbus longneck on UDC and the crown is really high.