koxx one fluo yellow wheelset en clamp


Rode it a short time, make a nice bid and it’s sold.
No scratches



What size is the wheel you have for sale and are you willing to ship it?


It’s 19 inch trialswheel, and I’m willing to ship it.


Where in europe are you?
I’m happy to pay for shipping to england!

Hello Simon,

I’m in the Netherlands.

Bump still for sale

Still for sale?

Yes I still have a koxx one light wheel for sale only a purple one with purple clamp in the same conditions as the yellow wheel

So the yellow wheelset isn’t available anymore?


I just found out I still have the yellow wheelset. And a purple one so if you want the yellow one it is still for sale.

How much would it be to ship it to Canada?

Sorry shipping would cost 170 euro. Looking for around 90 euro for the wheel. We always can talk about the price, but I think shipping totally kills it.

Are the wheels still for sale ?

Hello Stan, they are still for sale. I have got a purple and a yellow.
They are a bit more used now but I don’t ride them anymore so you can buy them. I think you also contacted me on eenwiel.nl

hoeveel vraag je ervoor ?

75,- daar komt de verzeding nog bij welk wiel wil je de paarse of de gele? heb bij beide wielen een bijpassende clamp

verkoop je ze ook allebei ? 75 euro is een goede prijs, hoeveel vraag je voor de seatclamps ?

ja wil ze ook wel allebei verkopen 150,- voor de wielen en 10,- voor de clamps

ik moet mijn ouders nog overtuigd krijgen en dan koop ik ze :slight_smile: kan je eens foto’s van de wielen sturen ?

ik ga ze kopen :slight_smile: