Koxx One Flight Ouestion

I was thinking about getting a Koxx One Flight green but I was wondering if the single bolt clap was good enough for trials or not

I’ve been using one, and from my experience I’d say no.

I have been rockin a single bolt koxx clamp for a while now, I really like em, I wouldnt go back to 2 bolt

I use a single bolt seatclamp too (from Hope) and dont have problems with it.

I would not let that worry you at all. Just bolt it on really tight (with out rounding it off). If it doesn’t work for you simply get a K1 double bolt or KH double bolt if you have too.

you need to tighten them a bit more thats all.

I use a hope single bolt and its great.

Ok Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

i cut my KH clamp in 1/2 because the bolt broke off in 1/2 of it…
it didn’t slip at all after that, not even one time.