Koxx One Devil or Black Domina II?

So I’ve been riding for almost 6 months now and finally have the funds for a new unicycle.

I’ve been doing a lot of google searching (and mostly being led back to here with threads on the topic xD) and decided that I either want the K1 Devil or Black Domina.

I’m interested in riding mostly street and freestyle so (since reviews on unicycles are so hard to come by) if I can spend the same price on both of them, which one would be better? (Lighter, stronger, better stock parts)

Thanks in advance… Even if you do just link me to another thread on the site that I missed while searching.

The Black Domina is definitely a better unicycle. The Black Domina frame is made of aluminum and is light and strong. The Devil frame is thin steel and dents easily. The Black Domina also comes with street cranks, which are great for street and flat. The Devil comes with reinforced cranks, which are not as good for street and flat. The Black Domina comes with Butterfly pedals, which are supposed to be very nice, although you’ll probably want to put plastic pedals on. Other than that the two unicycles are basically the same. Good luck with your purchase!

If you really want to go one of these then BD, but I really preffer Kris Holm.! KH is (IMO) better and it’s also cheaper than K1 :wink: But don’t ever go Devil, they really suck :stuck_out_tongue:

I much prefer the devil lights (like the white russian) to the BD with the bendy 135mm cranks… Also the price you pay for the frame seems ridiculous. BD frame is not exactly the strongest, devil frames (they have made some duff ones) but is generally pretty strong.

Have you considered getting a KH20 or the impact reagant? They should be in the same kind of budget as the BD.

black domina for sure. It can take a beating, it’s lightweight, it comes with good flat cranks, comes with awesome muni pedals (just replace em with some $10 pedals, and save them somewhere) and I just like the way the frame looks better.

Did you notice he want’s to ride street ? BD should be a bit better with the 135mm cranks instead of 140mm :wink: I don’t know how strong the Devil light frame is but the old devil frame brakes easy! Much easier than a DB frame :slight_smile: A friend of mine used his devil frame for max 1 year and then it was broken, then he got a green spirit (same fram as BD, just other colors), he’s still riding it for now about the second year :wink:

But still I don’t really like K1 trial/street/flat unicycles. So King of Suede I think you should go for a KH or maybe an Impac as Brendan says :slight_smile:

He said between the two since they are the same price, so I am guessing he is looking at the ones still on sale. In which case a KH or impact would be out of his price range

hmm… I think I need to keep me updated with prices :stuck_out_tongue: I thought K1 was freakin’ exspensive :stuck_out_tongue: but they are much cheaper than KH espicially if you live in USA (you have Walmart who sells them for like 0$ :p)

Street :astonished: ? What’s that?

You americans seem to be getting some really good prices on these now unavailable/old (in europe) K1 unis, so I guess ignore me and get the BDII cause it comes with those horrible street cranks, and lets face it for street you probably don’t want 0 q-factor cranks… :roll_eyes:

I said these 2 because I found them both for $200 (USD). I really only want to spend 200 because I have 250 put aside for a new unicycle, but if I was to start really riding street/freestyle, I’d really want come shin guards so those (through what little research I’ve done) go fro around 40 bucks + shipping.

Thats why I mentioned these 2, I will look up the KH, as I have seen them mentioned in many other threads. But I have also seen man of them broken… Not sure which model exactly but thats just the image I get in my mind when people mention KH.

Thanks for the input so far, I guess atm I’m leaning towards BD, I actually think I’ll like the pedals that come with it. I really just hate camo (think it’s really douchey)… So I’ll probably end up buying a different saddle first xD

Yeah I looked at the KH unicycles. Cheapest one I found was 450 or so… A little more than I’m willing to pay.

What about the Nimbus II? Only 15 dollars more.
I’ve read Nimbus mentioned in many threads debating K1

People like to compare quality of K1 vs KH, some like K1, some like KH. Then nimbus is considered the affordable, durable alternative (and usually heavier)

The only people you see breaking KH stuff are the kids doing insane street, or the ones that just ride hard ALL the time (like every day for months)

Alright I’m going to pull the trigger on the BD. I liked the devil for the colors, but I know a bunch of art majors at school, I’m sure we could just paint it ourselves xD. Probably a blue with neon pink/green.

Choosing BD because it seems to resoundingly be the better choice over Devil for what I want it for.

Choosing it over KH/impact because I don’t see ANY KH even near my price range (Google shopping did not show anything below $450… Impact no less than 250 euros… About $360)

Maybe in future, I will buy KH 24 er 26 for commuting, but I’m closing the deal with BD for $210.87 (with shipping)

To be honest thats a brilliant price for a BD or any trials unicycle for that matter… 146 euros or 129 pounds :astonished: That’s not even the price of a nimbus trials here!

And you’re right about broken KH frames, especially the 07 and earlier models had failry weak necks so street riders with stand up tricks would often break them. The newer ones are less prone to it, but like any aluminium frame they do break more easily. You have to remember there are a lot of riders with KH frames compared to BDs so it’s not surprising you see more broken :wink:

You also only see people posting threads like “I broke my KH base”… you don’t see anyone that posts that “My KH has lasted 4 years with no broken parts!”

I just recently got a Black Domina II from bikemania.biz for the same price. It arrived quickly and is great except that the tire rubs the frame pretty hard, so I filed the frame down, ground down the knobs slightly with a dremel tool, and shimmed the bearing holders with aluminum strips made from a soda can.

It would’ve taken quite a while to break it in by riding around.

However, I am quite happy with it now.

That’s weird, I’ve had no issues from my BD from meijer.com

You just need to cut that little feet destroyer of, and they are just fine :slight_smile:

SqueakyOnion and I bought the same Uni the Black Domina II and had the same rubbing problem. I got mine through K-Mart on line and it shipped fast. Im pleased with the looks for sure.

I took a rotary file to it and then placed some med grit sand paper between the wheel and the frame to rub the tyre down a bit and its getting a lot better. :roll_eyes:

Haha if this is the case, this seems like a more viable option to remedy the situation.

Super excited. I came home from work just now thinking “maybe it’ll be here… I know they probably won’t even have shipped it until monday… but it might be here.”

I’m seriously thinking about duct taping the seat though… I really… REALLY hate camouflage anything.