Koxx-one Devil II are arrived !

Hi everyone,

I’m proud to annunce you that the Devil II are arrived !

  • New Frame
  • New light tire
  • New rim


What is different with the new rim?

Look like the 32h ones :slight_smile:

Also what’s new about the frames?

It isn’t a 32 hole hub but has the same design as the 32 hole ones-offset spokes and other changes.
The crown looks improved.

I think the holes are bigger than the old rim :wink:

Did anyone saw what it’s written at the top? :stuck_out_tongue: “Stronger than never!” He changed it on the french forum, I guess it’s only because there’s no Edit fonction on this forum.

Still 36 in most colours, black is definitely available in 32h though too. They are improved over the older Try-All rims for sure, in short!

Does this mean they will never be strong…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha yeah I did notice that! :stuck_out_tongue:

The new rims are lighter, stronger and get bigger holes.

About the “stronger than never”, it is because there is no edit fonction …

haha, lovely

I guess most of us will have similar problems in french;)

I gave one of these rim´s to a friend of me, one of these “street destroyers” who damage from time to time rim´s of an other famous company.
so far he has no problems even though its a really light one.

and I love the look - especially the red one…

I had one of those rims. Very very light!

Where did you get your Koxx one devil II?