Koxx-One Devil Flight Green Uni

I’ve had this unicycle for a few years, but it’s still in great shape. I’m selling it because I don’t ride it much these days and wanted someone who would to have it.

Saddle: Koxx-One black velvet zebra saddle
Seatpost: Pitfighter II
Seat clamp: Fluo green Koxx-One single bolt
Frame: Koxx-One devil
Tire: Try All Stiky 19x2.5
Rim: Fluo green double walled, 36 spokes
Hub: Koxx-One reinforced ISIS
Cranks: Koxx-One 140mm reinforced
Pedals: Glow in the dark Odyssey Twisted PC
Valve Cap: Trick Topz Smiley Face
I’m asking for $250 plus shipping.