Koxx-One Custom Devil

I am getting a Koxx-One Custom Devil and was wonder which frame to put on it. Orange Bud, Dan Heaton, White Russian, Black Domina, or XTP

depends what your doing really.

what style are you intersted in doing?

XTP is the best for trials
Black Domina is good for street and Flat
All the other frames are different colours of the Devil frame; which i think was made for trials, but seems to me like a good all round frame. Its quite heavy though, but cheaper.

First of all, what type of riding do you want to do? Trials, street, flatland? The orange bud, Dan Heaton and white russian are all the same exept in different colors, and they are made for pretty much all type of unicycling you want to. The Black Domina is made for street and flatland. The XTP is only for trials.

haha we both said almoat exactly the same thing!

I kinda want to do trials but not just trials so I think I’ll go witht the dan heaton based on what you have said, thanks.

Wait until September, new stuff comes out then.

At exactly the same time! :stuck_out_tongue: the Dan Heaton would be a good choice if you dont want to do only trials. I think the new frames are suppose to be stronger too, you can wait to see what happens with the new stuff.

Get the Black Domina … because it’s awesome for trials and street, but still usable for trials … whereas the XTP sucks for street and flatland.


I think he is ordering from Renagade though. Don’t they only have BD Is? not IIs?

Well, I just broke my old one so I don’t really want to go that long with out a uni. Thanks though.