Koxx one custom devil vs. Nimbus 20" trials uni

I am just finishing with my first unicycle and I am ready to get a new, better one. Right now i am deciding between the koxx one custom devil and the Nimbus 20" trials. The Koxx is about $100 more. Is it worth it? I would like to get into trials and street, which one is the best?


koxx is a ton better. worth it.

I’d say go for the Nimbus trials and get KH Moment 137’s. Gotta be the best cheapest setup available. Then later on you can upgrade the seat, frame, etc.


+1. Go with Nimbus, it’s really strong and really cheap.

+1 is well. Nimbus unicycles are great, get KH moments is well. :smiley:

I agree about getting a Nimbus with Moments to :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 nimbus with moments 137mm. i have 3 nimbus.

if i ever buy a kh again (i had an 07 a long time ago and everything except the cranks and hub were destroyed) it will be only 1 20"

i’ll probably never get a kh again because for that ridiculous price i could have 2 nimbus 20", which are just as strong, and barely heavier…

[QUOTE=DSchmitt;1268205if i ever buy a kh again (i had an 07 a long time ago and everything except the cranks and hub were destroyed) it will be only 1 20"QUOTE]

yeah? but everything except the cranks and the hub has been updated for the 08 version… oh and saddle, but it would be just as easy to break a nimbus saddle…

yeah, don’t know if i can really trust aluminum frames at all anymore…im willing to sacrifice the weight for a stronger steel frame.

that being said…i don’t know how strong the new frames are…but my 07 frame only lasted a max of 3 months of riding. i am a taller, heaver rider(gotta have the seatpost higher therefore more leverage) however i sorta feel i was ripped off 200$. now id just rather have 4 nimbus frames for 45$ each.

Defenitly go with the KOXX ONE thats what i ride!

id definately go for the koxx one i got a red devil and it was $375 from firetoys next day air to mi included
tottaly worth it

Koxx FTW.

Nimbus… I had a Koxx-one, until it was retarded… Nimbus unis are a bit heavier, but I say they are alot stronger, and I think I am right… GET THE NIMBUS!

i prefer koxx-one

um, Im not saying the nimbus is bad or anything, you get a great, great deal for the price, specially with the upgrade to moments.

But lets break this down a bit.

Saddle: K1 looks cooler, and has more options. Seat base is the same, but k1 has thinner foam. K-1, N-0

Seat post: k1 has 27.2 Nimbus has 25.4… K-2, N-0

Clamp… who gives a…

Frame: this one is tricky. Nimbus has threaded bearing clamps allowing for allen bolts which is a nicer setup than the nut and bolt setup on the Devil. However you loose the advantage of a wider seatpost if you take the the nicer clamps… lets give this one to Nimbus anyway. … K2, N-1

Rim: No contest. K1 you can chose from solid 47mm or drilled 47mm, which owns over nimbus no choice solid 42mm. …K-3, N-1

Spokes… also who gives a… although the Devils do come with thicker spokes, if thats what your into.

Tire: Tryall has been the preferred tire of CC over and over again by lots and lots of riders… K-4, N-1

Hub… Strength wise there doesn’t seem, to be much a difference. The come with different bearings… I prefer K1, but thats not enough to give Koxx the point here. How about a choice between reinforced or light… thats pretty nice… However I have found that k1 hub with KH cranks has MORE Q KH hub with K1 cranks has LESS Q… again this is gonna be an opinion and I think we have to give this one to K1 for giving a hub option. … K-5, N-1

Cranks. If you upgrade the nimbus with Moments that is nicer than the devil with the aluminum cranks. However if you get a K1 with street cranks… you are gonna bring up opinion issues on which is better the lighter faster street cranks, or the stronger Moments(which have the option flatland rollo extension). I personally prefer the Street cranks. But we will call this one even, as I do use Moments with rollos a lot of the time.

Pedals… no biggie, pick up new ones at the bike shop

Price: Nimbus wins that of course. K-5, N-2

Final score (keep in mine other opinions may result in different scores)

Koxx-One: 5, Nimbus with Moments: 2 (we didn’t even talk about weight here)

Id say winning by more than double, K1 is worth the extra money. Although nimbus is a great option for that middle end uni purchase.

K-1 may be better the nimbus, but KH is better then both!

i agree with agentQ here but its up to you but the k1 is defenitly worth the extra money :slight_smile: