Koxx-One Alien Backflip

Hi, I was wondering if an Alien backflip would be a good addition to my Nimbus trials. I would be using it for flat and using my Nimbus for street and trials. Would I notice the three pound weight difference? How strong is the frame? Will 135mm street cranks flip faster than 137mm Moments?

Alien b is good for everything but amazing for flat. Its a flatland/street uni. I ride a green spirit which is exactly the same. The cranks will flip a million times faster. Espesh if you upgrade to the new street/flatland cranks.

Yeah and if you dont wanna pay for shipping from england or wherever hit up Joe Campbell, he might have one he could sell you.

you will notice a 3lb difference for sure!

I changed some stuff on my uni and made it lighter and it felt so much better to ride:D

Another option:


Note: the rim color in the picture is different from the regular Backflip green. I bought a Green Spirit from the same seller and it turned up with a red rim, so the pictures are accurate. Can’t complain about the price though and I am sure it rides the same. :slight_smile:

Thanks, thats the type of advice I was hoping for.

The one in the eBay listing is same one I was looking at. It’s good to hear that you actually received it.

$240 with free shipping is a SICK deal. I’d be all over it if I was looking for a new uni.

Damn great deal… might have to look at one of these instead of dropping 400 into a green spirit. pretty much the same uni am i correct?

You can get the Green Spirit with a red rim here (this is what I got):


It’s the exact same unicycle as the Black Domina II:


It looks like there are a lot of white-label Koxx One unicycles on the market right now. They are on Overstock.com and a bunch of other sites marketed as CFG unicycles.

It was drop-shipped from CFG (Cycle Force Group), seems to be completely legit :slight_smile: