Koxx-one 2010 team


That’s what I said when I read the first name on the list…

They also mispelled Krisz.

EDIT: Jon Atwell? woa.

Well at least only 40% of the team is French ( and 50% European). Thibault and Dan Cowling have deserved a major sponsorship for a while now; so, congrats to them.

Finally its official :sunglasses:


Massive congrats to Dan and Kevin. Good to see some Aussie riders getting the recognition they deserve!

LOL !! I love Joes profile

Dan and Alex should have been on that, or the KH list yeeeeeeeeears ago.

damn! nice work guys.

wow, whats the deal with the new koxx-one site…yikes.

congrats on the sponsorships guys, some well deserved ones in there

Koxx one team is awesome!!! Can"t wait to see chris shred on street cranks! :d

Chris shred XD LOL I should make a video called that.

+1 haha :smiley:

Chris H. goes from KH to K1. :astonished:
Adrien D. goes from K1 to KH. :astonished:

Someone will have to ask both of them which one they like better:p
I’d guess they’re both equally awesome though

That is a sick team. Great to see Jon on there.

Congrats guys :smiley:

Nice team… Arthur did really well choosing those guys!

Now, I can’t wait to ride with you in NZ!

Hope you have a great year!

kevin was on the 09 team aswell. just k1 did basically nothing this year, thats hardly anyone really noticed much

2 aus riders and 1 nz rider. YAY!!!

Jon deserved a major sponsorship for a while now. but joe? hes a good rider but im not sure if he’s at that level yet.

Yea! Aussies for the win!!!

wow i didnt notice krisz at the Aus UniNats but he somehow won it :astonished:
hopefully arthur will fix that.

also gotta love dans hobbies. funny guy


= congrats, awesome team

A sponsorship isn’t all about skill level. I personally think Joe deserves the sponsorship big time! He is getting really good and pushing trials big time.

Nice job again to everyone on the team! :smiley:

yeah Joes an awesome rider he just doesnt push himself much in videos

when going through the rider profiles i saw that 3 people has favorite trick: tico tico
what is that?