Koxx-One 19" Custom

What we have here, from “the Unicyle Lab”, is a used custom Koxx-One Devil/street build.
It is not for sale with the seat and post. However I will sell the seat and post as an upgrade.


This is a brand new wheel build. The rime/hub/cranks have been used; It has been re-laced with brand new spokes and nipples; The tire has only been rolled around on once or twice

Frame: Custom painted K1 Devil psycho lime.
Hub: K1 Reinforced orange.
Spokes: Primo forged white.
Rim: K1 Reinforced street rim.
Cranks: K1 125s. Upgrade: K1 street (135s) for an extra $35.00.
Pedals: Custom grip tape eastern plastics (still in great condition).
Clamp: K1 gold.

Seat/Post Upgrade:CrMO post with Carbon Fiber base, KH foam, removable custom b-ball cover

*This unicycle is in used conditions, some parts are new and the frame has been freshly powder coated. I would be willing to paint the cranks for a little extra, if wanted, and if the purchase happens soon enough for me to have the time to do it.

I am asking 275 :astonished: thats right $275.00 OBO, This will go to the highest bidder, the quicker you make an offer the better chance you have of getting it for that price, as this is an “I am moving blow-out sale”
These parts brand new would be $430-450.

For a price on the seat and post upgrade send a PM. No deals, though. CF base pre drilled, with (stainless steel) hardware, handle/bumper, foam, and custom cover. I would rather use it than sell it for a loss, duh.



Picture 6.png

Oh, I have other pedal options if you are not down with the grippy tape.

I’m looking for a cf base. Would you be willing to sell me the seat or even the base by itself?

Sorry, I will not sell the base alone, and I will not sell the saddle without the uni.

Bummer:( This is a great deal though.

would you be willing to send the uni to latvia? im not sure wether i’ll have the money very soon though, but it’s a great deal! i wouldn’t need the seat, if my torker lx seat would fit?

I’ll ship anywhere, assuming you cover the shipping cost. I would prefer to sell this as soon as possible, even if it mean a lower price…coughanyonecough

Im sure you could get your LX seat and post to work, although you would need to find the right size shim. Most bike shops have shims in all types of sizes, you would need one that has an inside diameter of 25.4 and an outside diameter or 27.2 (or even bigger). This setup takes a shim already, so I suppose you could find 1 single shim and eliminate the need for 2, however I do not know the outside diameter of the current shim. Sorry if that was confusing, let me know If I need to clear that up.

Is it sold? I want it if I can get a good price for that and post/seat for 25" inseam minimum height totaling under $300.