Koxx-One 140mm Right Crank

So here’s the deal…

I bought a K1 unicycle from Joe Campbell, supposed to be with 140mm Cranks. It arrived today with 2 left cranks. He’s supposed to be letting me know who else got two Right cranks so that we can exchange and pay for the postage ourselves.

I’m posting this in hopes of figuring out who got the other right crank. So… if you bought a unicycle in a similar situation, please check your cranks. If you can’t get both pedals to fit, check to see if they both have the letter R on them. If they do, contact me and we can swap.


lol that sucks :stuck_out_tongue:


I ordered some k1 lights from Joe and they should be arriving this week. I pray I dont have two of the same side, But shoot me a PM around Friday and ill let you know.

Yeah, I am currently the owner of two left 140mm Light K1 cranks. The bad news is that you are likely the owner of two similar right cranks. The good news is that you know this in advance and already know that you can get the other crank in trade. PM me when you get yours.

i just got 2 pairs of cranks from joe today, both of them were correct. hopefully koxx didnt send him a set with 2 lefts. i would investigate that possibility if noone else comes up with the other crank.

Any updates from those of you who bought from Joe? I still have a left crank to trade for a right. Let me know peeps, or else I have to go through the hassle of disputing it with paypal to get reimbursed what the cranks are worth and buy cranks from UDC.

Koxx didn’t send Joe 2 left cranks. I got 2 right ones in my order from Joe.

Case closed. The Green Spirit rides awesome!!! Thanks goes out to Dave. I had a great time riding with the Butler guys today. Isaac, Andy, and Nate were there in addition to a few learners. I appreciate all the help!

you must be mistaken, you probably got a pair of lefts and a pair of rights :stuck_out_tongue: