Koxx muni

On the Koxx One unicycle site it says the White Russian is the lighter version of the two and the White Russian is not reccemended for jumps. I think you should get a Nimbus or a KH instead. If you really want to get a Koxx MUni then get the Koxx Track Monster IMO.

for muni take the monster.
its as undestroyable as the quax / torker / nimbus frame, as light as the kh and has an excellent wheel clearance and costs -in europe- much less than an kh
my white russian frame brake, the monster does hard work for years!
the hub is ok while i break 2 kh hubs on my other muni in the same time / use, but the bearings are as bad as KH - be carefull with water - even rain. :angry:
(i wonder why koxx and KH are not able to use bearings like Quax, they even resist salt water:))
on the other side the support of koxx is -, no it does not exist there is nothing that could be named support:(

If you can afford it then by all means get the KH, it won’t dissapoint. If that isn’t an option then at least get a Nimbus muni or something. The Koxx munis are kinda sketchy when it comes to the frames and stuff.