Koxx muni

Okay so I decided to get a muni and get fit before I get my trials uni. I saw two awesome looking munis on renegade juggling. The track monster and the white russian. Which is better? Speed wise and weight wise. I noticed the track monster comes with a brake and is only around 30 dollars more expensive. Which would be a better choice and why. Experience and opinions are greatly appreciated!


The 24’’ Track monster is 6.9kgs or 15.2lbs compared to the 24’’ White Russian being 13.2lbs or 6kgs according to UNI Magazine. The Track Monster is stronger than the White Russian and The Track Monster has 165mm Cranks comared to the 140’s on The White Russian so it would be easier to go faster. But would have less control on the downhills and less torque for going uphill with the White Russian.
The White Russian is not as strong but lighter and does not have brake mounts so if you wanted to put a brake on it would be more of a hassle. The White Russian has a 2.6 tyre on it so it would not be as good for hopping. Personaly I would go for the Track Monster becuase it has a bigger tyre width so you can hop easier and its stronger and easier to put brakes on, with the White Russian you would need to Weld or Braze mounts on. Stronger and better crank lenght for MUni.

I may be biased, but KH24 is the best; its indestructable.

Yeah, I would choose The 24’’ KH over any Koxx MUni.

yeah, I would also go for a KH24.

Track monster is a great muni at good price

Like many on this forum I have several munis, one of them being a K1 Track Monster. Unicycles are not rocket science - you will not notice a difference actually riding muni on a K1 or a KH despite what proponents of each will say here. If the K1 with a brake is what you want for looks or price go for it.

Go for the KH

I would have to differ with mtnjeffe. I have an ONZA 24" that I rode on for my first year. It is a good solid MUni. However when I got my KH 24" 07 I was blown away by how much better it was! One of the best features of the KH is how the fork is designed. No sharp corners to cut your knees on. Also the width of the rim is a huge factor when it comes to tire foldover. You just can’t go wrong with the KH24. Enough Said.


I agree, I can tell a difference between my KH24 and my Nimbus Muni. I LOVE my KH24. If I ever break it I will get a new one for sure!

I won’t belabor the point too much more, but the K1 and KH both come with the same tire and very similar rim width and while the frame crown on the K1 is not round it is far from sharp and I have never been cut by it. I am not putting down the KH I am just saying that as someone who has ridden both exact models you are comparing there isn’t a “real” difference in ride.

That said, you can not go wrong with the KH either so buy what you want and enjoy.

Hey, I am selling my Koxx-one track monster if your interested pm me! It would ship from vancouver b.c


+1 to everyone that said: Go with KH.
The KH is awsome, I can see the difference with my Torker Muni and my friends Torker Muni with a KH frame. His is alot lighter that mine and cooler! Plus the welds of Koxx-one frames aren’t really good, plus their frames are like 1mm thick to save weight. if the frame hit something it will make a boss in it, my KH frame is hitting everything and it’s just making scratchs. Get the KH and you’ll be REALLY happy.

actually I’ve noticed K1 frames do dent quite easily. both mine and my friends devil frames have been dented easily. My friends frame is terrible the amount of dents it has, and he doesn’t do huge stuff on it either. In comparison my KH frame it brilliant.

Although that is with trials frames, both the track monster and KH use the same frames, just a bit bigger. For quality I would go KH definitely. Also that with KH I have seen the improvements kris has made every year. I know that they are good quality and he is always working to make sure they are the best they can be. I dont see that with koxx, and for all I know there may have been no change to their Munis in the 3 years i have been riding. I havent seen much change in Koxx’s parts, just different colours mainly. that is part of the reason i would choose KH… as well as the face they are the best imo :smiley:

You KH guys are relentless - the K1 is not a Torker - the welds are just as clean as KH welds and likely were performed in the same factory in China - steel vs aluminum both have pros and cons but once again unicycle forks are not rockets and given an apples to apples equipment comparison the average muni rider could not tell the difference in a 24" frame.

I was thinking of selling my K1, just because I use my 26 most of the time, but all you haters have convinced me to put it in the rotation more often. It rides great and doen’t look like EVERYBODY else’s blue unis with 27 signatures on them.

Ha ha.

haha yeah I am quite relentless, but the first decent uni I bought was the Koxx devil. Its not a bad unicycle, but I wish now I had gone for the KH lol :smiley: My Koxx hub and cranks are stupid and annoying, where both mine and my frineds cranks slowly fall off, no matter how tight it is. the frames dented easily blah blah blah…

If you have a koxx already thats great, they are tough and good unicycles… but i wouldn’t recommend them.

+845673458456825654, KH are awsomely good and light and everything you want!

EHhehe, get the Track monster with a kh frame, problem solved =p

Ok you compared KH to torker, unless its the famous 09 who is causing alien attacks, torker is the cheap last stance uni.

I have been using a track monster for years, love the uni! The only part I have replaces is the rim, but if youve seen my muni drops you understand. Its light even with the bulky frame. If you get a track monster with a kh frame it would be even lighter! If you are deciding between White russian and track monster, track monster for muni, white russian for street cruisin. Between k1 and kh, do we really need another thread comparing the faternal twin unis?

So the white Russian isn’t for muni? On renegade juggling it has pretty much the same specs except the seat and the brake. Is the white Russian not good for muni? What’s wrong with it and how does it compare to the track monster?

So the white Russian isn’t for muni? On renegade juggling it has pretty much the same specs except the seat and the brake. Is the white Russian not good for muni? What’s wrong with it and how does it compare to the track monster?

Heres comparasons that I wrote in my earlier post