Koxx Luxury

Are any have this seat ?? Its they good ?? its they lighter then KH seat ??? :thinking:


Read the fawking weights at the end of the fawking page.

Luxury is 790g.

KH is 806g.

Don’t keep on starting threads about the same stuff, let people answer your other one.

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Ok thanks for warning :slight_smile:

Warning? Hes just advising you :wink:

yep. 16 grams shouldn’t make too much of a difference. I’d call this choice preference more than anything else.

i’d look at the price if i was you, that made my mind up for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the Luxury Ultra-thin on my trials. All I cans say it’s awesome because of its ultra-thinness.

what why would you want something thinner than a KH Fusion Steet…

its better for trials… Kris will make thines seats for 08 so its better :roll_eyes:

i dont think the weight of a seat is that important. especially if its only 16 grams

Hmmmm i wouldnt say so…IMO