Koxx Lovers!!! Unite!!!

hahaha well i wanted to get all the koxx-1 lovers to make yo-mama jokes kris holm unicycles!!! lol nah this is just a koxx 1 appreciation thread. I HEART KOXX1! so lets have it out! also neither one is stronger UNTIL one or the other is proven stronger.

Wow this is like the definition of customer loyalty. You are a marketing agent’s wet dream, clinging to a brand name for nothing more than a marketing technique that odds are you can’t even define.

I enjoy my Koxx one cranks and hub but I think the fact that they have a giant logo on them is advertising enough for them. I’m not payed enough to be an advertising agent for them.

Woah there, calm down.



Kris Holm is better at unicycling then xaveir collos

Can Kris Holm crankflip? IDK, I think that KH is a better all round rider, but xav is good at street:p .

Xavier doesn’t know how to ride a unicycle!!!11


What does who rides for a company have to do with their products? The point of a company sponsoring a rider is because they will get them lots of publicity. It is a form of advertising.

The company pays the rider (not necesarily in money but usualy free product or getting them to competitions or getting them photographers/film crews) and the rider agrees to support the company, through repping them and telling people they are the best.

It is also quite possible that there are riders even better than those sponsored by Koxx One and Kris Holm, but they perhaps don’t want to be used as billboards by these companies, or they prefer to ride for themselves and not get involved in the complications of a sponsor.

Now I’m not saying that all sponsored riders are corporate whores being bought out by the highest bidder, I’m sure many riders with sponsors, particularly in the stages now since there aren’t big bidding wars over riders, are just going with one company because they are friends with the owners and are trying to help their friends succeed.

This being said someone who is sponsored by a company is probably, although not necesarily, and justifiably, going to have some bias in terms of promotion. They will be much more likely to point out the good points of a product and shy away from the negatives, so really unless they are providing solid evidence of every detail you shouldn’t base your accusations on who rides for who, but on solid evidence.

Of course there is always little things like you might like the colours or something better or you are fond of something, but think about what you are doing and the factors that are pushing you to say that when you go and make a large post that is pretty much just an advertisement for a company.

… end rant :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. I like Miyata, they are sexy XD

Who cares?

Kris Holm stuff is good.
Koxx One stuff is good.

Here is the thing though: If you ride on Kris Holm stuff and break it, you will probably think that it is crap.

However if you were riding Koxx One stuff and it broke, you would probably think that it is crap.

This is like iPod fanboys who figure iPods are the best thing ever created and nothing is ever better than the iPod.

Truth be told, you probably don’t know what’s better, Kris Holm or Koxx-1. Personally, I ride a Bedford and it works for me.

Whatever works, works.

d00d!!11! i kno! h3s lik teh n00bz0rz…:wink:

But with Kris Holm, he IS the company.

And Yoggi at least designs stuff for Koxx 1…

We need machines!..

Machines to test, that will tell us how much force is being used. If we can set up, or use a machine that will put equal pressure down on the cranks of a uni, and then just keep pushing until it break. We can use the data it gets and really find out which one is stronger.

Then we could get accurate recordings of the strength. At this amount of pressure, the cranks began to bend, increasing the pressure by 50% snapped the cranks.

It would be like those big machines they test beds with, the constantly pound them and put them through all those test. We need one of those for a unicycle.

haha, you love cocks.


Dont you!?!

who doesnt love them? what would you do without them?


they are my favourite uni brand !!


Whoa umm he happens to be my favorite rider to watch! Kris is outragiusly talented and a REALLY NICE guy. As for there unis…I have snaped both of there seat posts but they were both the old versions…I have Fubared a wheel but was becuase when i got it it was untightened…But I know I have a canny act for breaking unis…il have to try em out sometime…I know they are both wicked awsome! I own a Koxx one. and I have ridin pretty much all versions of the Kh trials. old schoo, 06 and 07. the 07 is wicked light. But I like the looks of the koxx more since everyone has a bloody KH now. I geuss they are just more well known for bein pimp…but i love my koxx! once i get it fixed il tell ya when I break it again :smiley:

Can you be more precise? Do you speak about stickers and T-shirts or would there be some new hardware design I should be aware of? :roll_eyes:
[edit]Maybe the “signature” frame… but he didn’t design it alone[edit]