Koxx Longneck Frame

I would really like to get a Koxx Longneck Freestyle Frame for my Nimbus wheelset, but I have a few questions. First off, will it fit the Nimbus X bearings? Second, how long would it take to get here if I got it from Roger’s UDC in the UK? Third, what would the shipping cost be? Finally, is there anywhere else that I could get it that is closer/cheaper than UDC UK? Thanks!!!


Why do you want a koxx frame? Don´t you already have a nice longneck frame?

Yes, I have the Sem XL Longneck, but ever since I bought it the whole frame has been off center with the wheel. UDC won’t cover it in any way (even though it wasn’t at all my fault), so I’ll just ask for a new Koxx for X-mas. I no longer trust the Sem frames as I have bought two in hopes of fixing the problem and both are bent.

my frame is ever so slightly off centre with the wheel. I have a Nimbus X wheelset. Have you ever considered that maybe the wide hub causes this? or that your wheel may be out of true? It’s maybe 5$ for a spoke wrench to fix this sort of stuff, you know.

My wheel is totally in true (according to the bike shop). As for the wide hub, what is the solution to that?

What happened? How do you know it is not your fault? How do you know it is not the wheel?

I’ve had great experience with the Sem Longneck and the Sem XL frames in general, so I’m pretty curious about your situation.

  1. It came that way
  2. The wheel was checked by a bike shop
  3. See my thread about it (I just made it so it should be on top of RSU)

The Nimbus uses a a wider hub than the Sem wheels. You probably had to pull the frame legs apart a bit to fit the hub in there. If this isn’t done correctly it will result in your wheel being off centre a bit.

It’s entirely possible you got a bum frame, however not terribly likely, which is why myself and u-turn are questioning you so hard :q

Besides, wouldn’t you rather have something fixable than have to go get a new frame?

Luckily you’re not vindictive about this…

You seem to be missing a fundamental fact: Bike shops can and often ARE wrong, especially when it comes to unciycles. Do you know the difference between dish and trueness? Your wheel could be perfectly true but not be evenly dished.

I find it disturbing that you’re solution to so many things is to throw money at them. I’m curious, how much of these framess did you pay for? How much of the Koxx frame will you pay for? Have you made any attempt at (or even thought about) recitifying the problem with either of your sem frames? Does it actually make a difference if your wheel isn’t perfectly centered? Can you think of any tests to verify whether or not it’s your wheel or frame (I can think of two easy ones).

What I see is you using money to replace thought. A few minutes of logical thought while looking at a unicycle should qucikly reveal a check for whether it’s the frame or wheel that’s bent. But aside from that, why is it that slight misalignment matters? i ride muni on a unicycle where the frame is misaligned, aswell, however, I don’t go spend $150 of my parents’ money to fix it. Rather, I cut up a soda can and get back to riding.

Twenty bucks says you’ll go buy yet another frame when you get this Koxx one, the reason being that “it was made incorrectly and is uneven, and it’s not at all my fault.”

Boyyyyyyyyy, you just got TOLD

Ok Tyler, one thing, what problem does the frame restrict your riding in anyway? Assuming that the frame is indeed bent or crooked, Does it hinder your riding?

If not, why replace it? Maybe you just dont like the idea of having an off-center frame.

When you flip the wheel around in the frame, is the wheel still to the one side, or did it switch sides? If it’s now on the other side of the frame, the wheel is dished. Getting a new frame is not going to fix that. If the wheel is dished, get a spoke wrench and tighten all the spokes only on the one side. This will pull the rim over some. Maybe start with doing a half turn on each spoke. If that didn’t move it enough, loosen the other half by half a turn. Repeat until it’s right.

If the frame is the cause you can also fix it this way too, but you may want to look at other possibilities. I know on my wyganoski frame, the bearing holders can be bolted on wrong to cause the wheel to be too much to the one side. Loosening the bolts and adjusting the position of the wheel in the frame before tightening it fixes it. The Semcycle has a different bearing holder setup, so that might not be possible, but it’s worth looking to see if something like that may be causing it to slant to one side.

tyler maybe you should just get one of these:
maybe that would work

Shipping from country’s across the sea are like any where from $20-$300…My unlce was gonna order my Qu-ax from his bike shop he ownes from germany but it would have been $140 for shipping so…

Isn’t this exactly what Bush wanted when he told Americans to be “good consumers”?

No, he wanted us to buy more oil.

It sounds like Gilby’s analysis is the most likely one, although you may also check that the bearings haven’t slipped to one side.

The Sem XL frame models are very good frames, amazing for their inexpensive price. They are excellent stiff steel with a fine crown design, and have worked very well for many years now. Their chief weakness is that one often needs to shim a leg with 1-3 can thicknesses. This is a minor irritation when one considers that they are 1/6 or less the cost of a custom frame. Until Sem came out with the XL Longneck 3-4 years ago the only option was a Wyganowski custom at $400. They have withstood the test of time well.

Chances are very good that another frame of comparable cost would have the same problem, with the chance for other complications. For example, the Sem XL frames are a cut above the Yuni line for overall quality, in my humble opinion.

I own and have built/sold unicycles with Torker, Sem XL, Sem XL Longneck, Pashley, Yuni, GB4, Hunter, and other frames, so this is the context from which I speak.

An aside:
This thread and its companion thread are about the process of troubleshooting, a skill which, should one be diligent and lucky enough to become proficient at it, can make one lots of money in electronics, software, insurance, management, etc etc etc. It’s kinda dismaying how fast it degenerated into personal attacks. CEOs and their employees make huge amounts each year troubleshooting software race conditions, satellite communications throughput, spacecraft warning lights, stuck rods in nuclear power plants, underperforming retail locations, high management personality conflicts, international relations, financial crises, and the like. An open mind and eye can pull a lesson from just these two threads that, someday, may make that person stand out in a job interview or even in the field on the job, and earn them a well-deserved raise, position, or reputation.

I agree with U-Turn, instead of attacking Tyler for wanting to replace his equipment we should be trying to help him fix it! It’ll be a real pain in the arse if he gets another frame and its still all wonky because of the wheelset.

IMHO It sounds like your wheel might be dished tyler, which means (in simple terms) the horizontal distance between the tyre/rim and the end of the hub is different on the two sides of the wheel (the tyre is skewed towards one side of the hub). The easiest way to check this is to make up a feeler bar, out of a bit of wood. Using a jigsaw (or a hacksaw on a thin bit of wood) you need to make up a cresent-moon shaped bit of wood that touches the tyre (on the tips of the ‘cresent’)) and the tip of the hub spindle on one side of the wheel. If you then use this same bit of wood on the other side, it should still touch both sides of the tyre, and the end of the hub spindle. If it doesn’t, the wheel is dished. You can work out in which direction using your little ‘tool’ and then go to your LBS and get them to sort it, if you don’t feel up to trying it yourself.

I’ve got a lecture to go to, but I’ll be back on in a couple of hours with a diagram that might explain things a little better (I’ve not got the 15 minutes it’ll take to draw it up in Paint Shop).


Wouldn’t it be easier just to put the wheel in the frame the other way round and see if it is nearer the opposite fork? If it is still near the same fork it’s probably a frame problem (cure with shim or bending the fork legs), if it’s near the other fork it’s probably dished. Of course that’s assuming the bearings are not offset on the axle (i.e. make sure the hub is an even distance from each fork).


i’d wager the koxx frame wouldn’t fit. 42mm vs 40 mm OD bearings. probably, but that’d be something to check.

i think we’re collectively being skeptical with tyler because rather than find a cheap way around the problem(coke can shims, etc) he’d rather scrap a (probably) perfectly fine sem frame and get soemthing else. i wish i had that kind of money. i’m 24 and work 40+ hours/week. and when i was 12(or however old tyler is) my folks didn’t buy me very many expensive gifts/things. we’re assuming(probably correctly based on other threads) that tyler is a bit spoiled and that bothers most of us.