Koxx k1 trials

Looking to sell my recently acquired koxx trials uni. It’s been ridden 2 times. There are a few scuffs on it. Otherwise it’s brand new. I thought I would be in to trials riding, nope. I’m just trying to recoup my money and get a bigger wheel. I’m really hoping to sell it locally. I live in Huntington Beach, CA. I’m asking $180. If you have a complete uni you want to trade or barter, shoot me an offer. I’m in the market for a 29" road or muni in good shape of course. I can’t figure out how to upload photos, I’ll try again later. It has a black and gold seat, black seatpost, pink single bolt clamp, plain black frame, black 140mm cranks, black metal pedals wellgo style, gold drilled rim with red liner, and an all bike trial tire 20x2.5. Sounds ugly but doesn’t look too bad in real life. Anyway thanks for looking.

I’m not sure why this thread was moderated… If anyone can tell me then please let me know!
(I’m fairly sure it’s not a scam if he/she is wanting local pick up)

It is now visible to all though, and hopefully you should have some interest soon Geloso :slight_smile:

Thanks, maybe because it’s my first post.

If you could get pics up you’ll possibly get more interest.


It worked! Here’s a few more.

Need this!!!

Hello geloso I have a practically brand new nimbus hatchet 26 muni I am willing to trade for your kox trials uni I’m located in Tennessee in the US and would love to maybe send u some pics if your interested​!

How would a trade like that work? Sounds too good to be true. But hey, send the pics and your proposal for a trade.


Is this uni still available? I am interested in it :slight_smile:

Why, yes, yes it is. Can I answer any questions for you?

If you would ship- I was wondering how much shipping would be, I really like the color and setup you have on it?

(I would pm but I dont know how oops…)



Is this unicycle still available?

Yes it is. Are you local or?

Ohhhh… I wish I would have just waited for your response. I just purchased the same type of unicycle Koxx that is all pink from craigslist. I live in California in the San Fernando valley.

Not sure if you’re still selling given the past messages, but I might be interested if the shipping isn’t too bad. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to log in tomorrow, but I’ll send you a PM with my email and details.

I will take it , I live in fullerton . Call me 714 803 2079 can pick up immediately.

I will take it. I am local. I can pick up immediately in cash. 714-803-2079.

Sold! Thanks and nice meeting you Chuck! Looking forward to riding with you.

Sold! Thanks to all who inquired.

I don’t come on here much anymore but I feel bad I never got that email. :confused:

Oh well.