koxx - isis hub, cranks etc


I’ve decided that I need a new unicycle, and now I’ve taken a look at the koxx signature. At unicycle.com - Germany I can buy it, but the only option I have is to buy it with 90 mm cranks. Now my question is: can I just buy another pair of isis cranks for it?



as long as they are from koxx… koxx isis is not real isis

koxx just fits koxx

or just write roland and ask him to change the cranks if you dont want 90mm. im sure he’ll do that.

What is the difference between koxx isis and real isis? And is it realistic to get another hub, so I could use some other cranks?

Buy a KH and you wont have a problem :smiley:

KH doesn’t make freestyle unicycles.

From all I have heard and seen I would strongly advise you against the Signature. It is very light, looks nice and the cranks have a good shape.
But the inserts in the cranks loosen over time (typical Koxx problem), the frame will break sooner or later and the wheelset with 36 spokes is not strong enough.

For sure the signature is tempting, but in the end it is not remotely worth the money. For example a siegmono frame (you can buy them from ajata.de) and a good Suzue wheelset with 48 spokes is a much better combination. It will be slightly heavier due to the frame, but also more robust and half the price.
And for that “high end feeling” you can get a carbon seatbase and the KH Fusion Street saddle :wink:

About the crank length: If you are good enough to want the signature, maybe you should give 90mm cranks a try? Once you get used to them you will not look back :wink:

P.S.: “Koxx ISIS” is not ISIS (they actually violate the ISIS trademark), we should really have a sticky in the forum for that since so many people a rightfully confused about that.

You could also get the Nimbus X.

Its the uni i use for hockey and riding inside. I really like it.


(i dont have the ISIS stuff. i have the normal UDC CrMo hub with 90mm cranks)

what kind of riding do you do, the unicycles named are only good for freestle.
the KH is a much better deal… the koxx (street and trials) wheels are just as strong as the KH. they are very beefy wheels. they are MUCH stronger than a 48 spoked rim (excluding the nimbus, which is of comparable strength)

As he wants a Koxx signature… i was asuming he wants a freestyle.


I hope he wants a freestyle, why else would he choose the signature?
Of course you cant compare it with Trial/Street Unis.

P.S. Oops, overlapped with Marcos post.

I need the unicycle for freestyle, so a KH is not applicaple. At the picture of the unicycle it’s shown with some very unfancy pedals. Is it shipped with these or is it just the picture?

Sorry about my previous post I didnt know what the koxx signature was, I just asumed it was a trials/street/flat uni. Now I know I would also suggest the nimbus X, I love mine, it will obviously be heavier than the koxx but who cares about a small amount of weight. It will be stronger and it is less than half the price.

the nimbus cranks are actually qu-ax freestyle cranks.
which are not recomended for heavy jumping

Its shipped with those but you could easily upgrade to something better while ordering.