Koxx Isis Hub and BMX cranks

I’ve been trying to find out if I can get a Koxx Isis hub and and instead of buying new cranks I would like to use BMX cranks on it? Will they fit?

the problem is the most BMX cranks are really really long. for unicycle cranks you want anything under 140mm for a 20" unicycle. for a 24" you could get 160 or slightly longer.

It depends on what type of cranks they are. If they are Isis cranks then, yes they will fit. Isis does not mean universal, it is just a common pattern of splines.

They are 160mm Isis BMX cranks.

…It may or may not fit…theres no realy way of telling untill you try them…nad 160 is pretty long. What kind of uni did you want, a Trials or a Muni…For Muni they would be ok but for trials way to long.

If they are isis then they will fit. 160mm is ok for a 24" uni but probably to long for anything shorter.

They are for 24" muni. What is the best length of cranks for 24 muni. Not much climping, rather just offroad riding.

So more XC then…The 160s will be great for that…They will also allow you that extra leverage when you might need it.

I would say 150’s or even 140’s.

will it have a brake?

Its going to be something between xc and muni. But not going to have a brake to start with. But will add if needed.
I used to do DH mountain biking so we’ll see if I take the same route with uni as I learn more.

hmmm, I’d say 150’s or a bit longer then.