Koxx hub on nimbus long neck...options?

So I turning my splined koxx 20" wheel into a freestyle uni now and I want a long neck frame. I tried to order a semcycle freestyle frame but they are out of them and don’t know exactly when they are getting more in. So I would just get that new 07 nimbus but I might have a problem with the bearings. The koxx bearings are 42mm and the nimbus frame has machined bearing holders for 40mm bearings.

This is what is on the koxx website about their signature frame…

It has machined bearing holders and says it will fit 40 and 42mm bearings so is it possible that the nimbus will take 42mm bearings also?

Evan told me the 22x42mm bearings are shimmed to fit on the koxx axle so it might be possible to get the torker 20x40 bearings and see how that goes but then I would also need to buy an isis crank puller to switch the bearings.

Does anyone have thoughts about how to make this work?

I can’t say anything about the new Nimbus frame, but I was running a Koxx One hub in my older Nimbus X (non long neck) with no problem at all. It actually fit in the Nimbus X frame a lot nicer than my Nimbus II frame.


Yeah, but you use this kind of bearing holder.

So as long as it is close to the bearing size it will work but with the machined holders it fits more exactly. I am not sure how exact it is though…

Do you know anyone with a CNC mill?

You dont need a cnc to make bearing holders.

You’re right, just get a big bit to cut into it. Manual Mill will work fine.

Roger told me that the 42mm bearings will not fit in there but I also have a Udc freestyle wheel in my garage with 40mm bearings so I ordered the frame anyway. I still would much rather use the koxx wheel so I am going to see about getting different bearings for the koxx hub. I just need to know the OD of the axle since the bearings it comes with are shimmed to fit on there. I think I might be able to take the shims off and use smaller bearings, I need to check on that.

Why don’t you go to your local bearing store and have them take a look at it?

I dont think I have a bearing store, I could take it to a bike shop maybe…I can’t take the cranks off though. I guess if I was going to a bike shop anyway I could have them do it.

Oh and I would just order some bearings online but I don’t know the diameter of the axle…

Why can’t you take off the cranks. I though they were regular Koxx cranks?

They are so I need a crank puller.

Why don’t you try them?

Santa Clarita, Bearing
25520 Avenue Stanford Ste 307
Valencia, CA 91355

(661) 295-0760

haha thanks. It would be better to find the size of the axle then look for the bearings instead of trying a whole bunch of different bearings and seeing if they fit.

I was thinking more along the lines of, bring your axle into the shop, have them do all the dirty work :wink: .

Ha, that would work too.

Hey so I got my frame today. I have it on my old nimbus wheel that Evan gave me a couple years ago. I really don’t like the cranks, they are very uncomfortable to stand on. I think I have the cranks form my old 16" sun uni on there. I still want to use that koxx wheel if it is possible.
Here is a pic of my uni right now. It is a horrible picture because I took it with my webcam that is built into my laptop.

I was wondering how horrible it would be for my bearings if I bought some longer bolts and set it up like this? I would assume it would kill them faster because it is tightened on only 4 points.

(that picture is mirrored because it does that automatically)

If anyone knows the size of the axle I would still like to try to get bearings to fit if they exist.

I had that pic on my photobucket but I deleted it because I forgot I had posted it there. Oh well.

My Koxx hub is 22mm. As you probably already know the Koxx hub has a shim/spacer that allows for 42mm x 25mm x 12mm to be used. It also looks like the KH hub is 22mm and just uses Qu-ax 42mm x 22mm x 12mm bearings.

I have looked for 40mm x 22mm x 12mm and 40mm x 25mm x 12mm bearings and have not been able to find either one. If you do find a source let us know.

Crap, well the torker bearings are 40x20x12 but the axle is 2mm too big.

Wel that sucks man.:frowning: You could probaly just get someone tom make a bearing holder though.

What tire is that Spencer?