Koxx hub KH Rim KH Frame

Hey guys, i’m gunna start buying my unicycle in parts.

i’ve searched, but didnt get a definitive answer.

will the KH frame fit a koxx isis hub with no problems?

Where is the new KH 19" (or 20", whichever it is) available from?

do you guys think a kh frame with a koxx hub and kh rim is a good trials setup?

open to all suggestions, thanks.

Stealing my idea is not funny.
I was first.
No that’s a fine STRONG setup.
I have the same excepte the KH frame, it’s not out yet.
But when it’s out I will have it the first week.


I have that setup and its really good. The only problem is if you have the alu koxx cranks you have like nothing to stand on for crank rolls and wraps and stuff.

i was going to get the white widow but i heard the rim wasn’t that great.

i got the idea for it a few months ago when somebody else was talking about how this would be a better setup so i’m going for it. coincidental you are getting it too, how cool!

how are you liking the hub/cranks so far? q factor isn’t a problem?

i can’t wait for the frame to come out, yaaaay

The hubset is very good.
I don’t mind the less Q-factor.
If it’s strong then it’s fine with me:p


Here’s what I would do:

The Koxx hub/crankset is uber strong, less known, but still damn good is Qu-Ax, the KH 2005 cranks arn’t too good so that wouldn’t be a good choice, the new KH cranks however should be much stronger so you might want to wait for them.

The KH rim is pretty strong, stronger than the Koxx rim probably, but Rocco uses the VIZ rim, which is a drilled 36h rim that is 46mm wide, it’s stronger than the Koxx rim.

You can get it at www.vizbikes.com

And I’d most deffinatly go for the KH frame, it’s a very good frame!



i’ve got my heart set on the koxx hub. but i know the other ones are fantastic aswell.

that looks like a freaking cool rim. does it get flat spots easily?

i’ll get that if it’s good and can be gotten in australia