Koxx hub in qu-ax cross?

My friend want’s to upgrade his qu-ax cross whit a hub from koxx.
He want’s a trial hub.
Does a koxx hub fit in a qu-ax cross frame???
And what is the best koxx hub for trial???


the Koxx hub will fit for the Qu.ax Cross !

The best Koxx hub for traisl is the the ISIS one.



Is he need to buy pedals from koxx to or do the pedals from the qu-ax cross fit in there as well??

The Qu-ax pedals as well as the koxx ones are standard. No need to buy Koxx pedals (they’re better than the Qu-ax ones but not the best for trials - not enough gripp and too tiny, IMHO)

Oh I meant the cranks.
Does he need to buy koxx cranks???
Sorry for the wrong word:o


for trials, something in the 140-150 range (mm)