Koxx Gel Saddle – first impressions

I received my Koxx gel saddle yesterday and of course fitted it to my freestyle/hockey unicycle immediately. Riding around my hall and kitchen (normal test area) it felt really comfortable and gave me better control than the Viscount I had on previously.

Last night at the hour long EMU hockey session I was well impressed with it, much more comfortable than the Viscount and much better control, though not enough to improve my hockey :(. I had been hoping for a saddle just like this as I wanted to replace the antiquated Viscount. I like the slightly different shape and the reduced depth than that of the KH, for freestyle/hockey that is, but I guess the KH was primarily designed for Muni/trials (though I like an air seat for Muni and don’t do trials).

I’ll update when I’ve put some more hours in, starting with Saturdays Xmas unimeet.

Cheers, Gary

Thanks for the info gary! Do you find it more comfortable than KH or myata? how strong does the handle feel? Any problems at all?

These saddles look to me like a good alternative to the Miyata for freestyle. They are also available from Unicycle.com UK

I didn’t get on with the Miyata’s, they’re a bit flat for me and I didn’t like the handle. The handle on the Koxx has ridges under the front so it is stiffer and more comfy than the original KH.

Yes I would recommend them for freestyle and I got mine from Unicycle.com UK

Cheers, Gary

I didn’t look that closely, but I think the bits other than the padding looked the same as the new KH saddle.


From the previous threads on Koxx, the padding is the only difference.

I’d definitely like to have a look at it on saturday though as I think i’ll want one too!