koxx free tricks frame?

I’ve been looking around at frames since i broke my KH. i want something thats very strong, as weight is not a massive issue.

if i could afford it i would buy a Ti or CF frame, but i havnt got a lot of money a the moment.

I came across the free tricks frame and the description said it was a freestyle frame, although i have seen it seen it used for street in videos.

my questions are:
How good is this frame for street?
Is it just a longneck Devil frame?

i have seen Sam Haber and Elias Poham use this for street, so any help from you or anybody else would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

what about the warranty on the frame… cant you just get a new KH frame?

the Freetrick frame is just like a longneck Devil, so if you broke a KH, you’ll break it for sure… you should buy a Nimbus, they are really solid.

It wasnt covered by warrenty but UDC are replacing at half price for me!!!

I though Decil frames were supposed to be stronger than kh but heavier?

Its a steel frame, but the welding quality is baaaad. You could be lucky and get one that is strong… but thats like russian roulette.

yup, and the tubes are really thin so if it hits a rock or anything else it will make a boss in it, you dont even have to hit it hard, Koxx-one frames are cheap. Nimbus are really strong and a bit heavier than KH’s.